5 Popular Brands in India: How Their Logos Influence People’s Choice

There is no denying the fact that our choice of products is nowadays influenced by lots of things. First and foremost, we pay our attention to fact how the product is promoted and endorsed. However, the recognition of any brand comes to us along with its logo, as far as logos are the first things we notice about brands. Here comes the question on how much those logos influence our choice. The answer is: significantly. Let’s take a look at the some of the most successful companies in India and you will realize how much your choice is impacted by their logos and corporate color schemes.

Google India

popular brands logo

Among all the search engines existing in India, Google takes an upper hand. It’s considered to be highly prestigious to work for Google corporation, and not only in India. It’s considered to be highly prestigious to work there because of all the perks the company offers. Despite the existence of indigenous search engine Rediff, founded in India, Google still takes the first place. If we take into account not the general popularity of these search engines but their logos, Google will turn to be more beneficial. The reason is that its logo is bright and colorful, it captures your attention and is mesmerizing in a way. Rediff combines two colors, red and black, that are aimed at holding your attention, but the color scheme of Google is more capable of doing it. Let’s imagine you have never heard both of Rediff and Google. Thus, when you see their logos for the first time, they will provoke different kinds of emotions. With Rediff, you’ll understand that the company is trustworthy but with Google you’ll want to find out more about this company, as far as its vivid colors will certainly influence your mood.

Tata Group

popular brands logo

Tata Group was founded 149 years ago and is thought to be one of the oldest and most successful conglomerates in the world. When you see Tata’s logo, subconsciously you think of the quality and security. Being sure in the brand means a lot nowadays, and with Tata you may be confident in the goods and services it provides. Its logo is a combination of a prudent approach towards logo designing along with a smart and stylish performance. Blue color used for the logo symbolizes protection and assurance. The image itself designed in the minimalistic style contains a combination of the company’s logo incorporated in one picture. The tagline used beneath individual brands crowns the general view of the logo. Therefore, Tata’s logo inspires people with trust and inclines them to use the products and services of this company.

Kwality Wall’s

popular brand logosA frozen desserts brand is one of the most popular and beloved in India. No wonder that you can come across this brand’s logo almost in every shop. It’s even more visible if considering the fact that the logo’s background is red. It’s aimed at riveting attention: among all the other products on the supermarket shelves, you’ll most likely notice those which packages contain red. Kwality’s logo is also designed in a minimalistic style; the heart depicted there indicates love and devotion the clients experience towards these products. You’ll choose Kwality not only because its products have recently become sort of a mainstream. You’ll choose it because its logo is convincing: it makes people sure that the products under this logo are of the highest quality.

State Bank of India

Presenting the State Bank of India, its logo speaks for the company’s reliability and credibility. Because of the time it’s been operating on the Indian market, people will most likely choose this bank for it’s proven it’s worth our trust. 20% of shares on the banking market belongs to this company, therefore, despite all the crisis and difficulties in the world’s economy, the chances of this bank’s collapse are extremely low. The bank uses blue as its main color, which should emphasize once again how trustworthy the company is. It’s well-known that blue in terms of logo design is a sign for security and safety.


popular brand logos

Because of the growing popularity of online shopping, it’s only natural that Flipkart has become so famous. The convenience and security of this website allowed it to become viral. The logo designed for Flipkart is pretty simple. It stands for facilitating the process of shopping online and includes a shopping bag and the first letter of the company’s name: what else is needed in this case? People choose the website for its transparency which is also reflected in a Flipkart’s logo.

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