How To Stay Motivated Even If Your Goals Seem Out Of Reach?

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“I have set my goals and trying to meet them and they seem to be out of reach– and I’m growing frustrated. With each passing day, nothing changes, and I keep thinking as to how long can I be positive and not give up? Self -doubt has been sinking into me, the negative thoughts are preventing me to progress.” Is this something that crosses your mind frequently?

Staying motivated is the hardest act when life isn’t progressing as you would want it to. That doesn’t mean we should give up and give in to negative thoughts. Use these 6 tips to keep yourself motivated.

1. Feed your soul

One of the best ways is to keep yourself surrounded with people who are positive and who have the best interests at heart. Having such people around uplifts the mood and reduces the burden of negative thoughts. You benefit a lot by relying on them. Once a while you can simply ask a friend, colleague, or someone you respect to help you find a solution to the problem you are encountering.

2. Keep your sight on the big picture

No matter what the circumstances are do not lose sight of your final goal. Just because of daily grind we tend to falter from our journey. Keep reminding yourself repeatedly as to why you are putting in all the hardships. Find an image that represents your goals and place it in such a way that it is always in your line of sight. It will remind you about the purpose of your efforts and give constant motivation.

3. Ask for help

Sometimes things don’t work and we are stuck, can’t figure out any way of making progress. Asking for guidance from a teacher, manager, or mentor who can help. Ask questions and listen carefully. Don’t wait too long to ask someone with more experience, as they can shed some light on the problem you are facing and help you see the ultimate goal.

4. Get inspired

Always read about someone’s success story to inspire you to keep pushing your own limits too. It never fails to remind you about your own capabilities.

5. Do what you enjoy as a hobby

Do any activity, that you enjoy doing as a hobby. This joyful feeling will relax your mind. It could be a simple task like gardening or it could be painting or knitting. While keeping yourself engaged into any one hobby for a while removes the feeling of being overwhelmed and calms down the mind.

6. Put a smile on someone else’s face

Sometimes shifting your point of focus from yourself to someone else can generate positive energy. This works like magic and keeps you rejuvenated and motivated. Find a way to help others and universe helps you in return.

Staying motivated is not easy, especially when your goals are far out of reach as ever. Do not be too harsh with yourself. Likewise, when things are going well, be cautious too and not become over excited! Success takes time. There will be hurdles, pitfalls, and many new beginnings. Life journey is to be enjoyed with each experience and not wait till we reach the top.

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