Indispensable Mobile App Features for User Acquisition and Retention

Mobile application development has become indispensable for every organisation from startups to large scale enterprises. The ascend in the revenue of the business is totally dependent on the functionality and user-friendly functionalities incorporated in the app.

Here we elaborate the list of extensive features that are responsible to increase the user retention on an application:

Inclusion of login feature

The login feature of the app should be simple in terms of each and every perspective. The sign-in process should be initiated just by a single tap on the sign-in button. Login credentials of Facebook and Gmail can also be used to directly sign-in the application. There should be an appropriate method to fetch the username and password details of the users. Users should be facilitated with the option to share, like and comment on the different products or events occurring in the app. By incorporating this feature, the attractiveness and user engagement rate of the app is increased.

Altogether unique title and description

Catchy title is the important element to be highly considered for App Store Optimization. A catchy title is solely responsible to increase the number of users on your app page. The click through rates can be boosted through ideal implementation of perfect meta descriptions. Moreover, the description should be minimal and composed of prime keywords and fundamental facts pertaining to the app.

Highly informative and engaging video

The app store is flooded with tons of apps and it is really challenging task to distinguish your app from the others. Video describing the detailed features of an app helps users in gaining the better understand ability of the app. This also leads to increase in the number of app users.

App icons design architecture

The click-through rates of a mobile application is absolutely dependent on the design architecture of the icon. The manner of the design should be meaningful and eye appealing to the end users. An exquisite design is noticed first by the eyes of the viewers, which in turn entice them to know further more details about the app. In summary, an icon should be a perfect amalgamation of beauty and quick irreconcilability.

Enable offline experience

The crux of mobile technology is to impart all time functionality despite location and time. The app should be able to respond within the fraction of second even without the absence of Internet connectivity. Apps like Google maps, amazon kindle, trip Advisor and many more provide offline functionality.

UI/UX Designing

 UI and UX are the two prominent factors behind the development of user engaging app. The main purpose of UI/UX is to develop an enhanced GUI (Graphical User Interface) of the app. The GUI of the app is determined on the basis of user perspective point of view. Hiring an experienced UI/UX designer can help you to skyrocket your app.

Picking a perfect colour palette

 The colour choice of the app is totally dependent on the category to which the app belongs. An app that is extremely stuffed by images, audio and video is usually colored dark. Light colour shades are used wherein the apps are based on productivity. Involvement of UI/UX expert is important while making a choice between the colours.


The developed application should be absolutely customization as per the requirements of the users. A user should be able to freely choose the varied fonts, regulate privacy settings, select dynamic themes, colours etc. The user should be provided with different options transform the app as per their requirement and taste.


The content used in the app should be highly informative and unique. It should be able to impart delightful experience to the users. Precise content helps users to seamlessly navigate through different menu options of the app. Content is the key factor which helps you to distinguish your app from the others.

Execution speed

The other important factor that is highly considered during the development is the speed at which the app will execute. User will immediately dump the app, if the app takes longer than the usual loading time.

Eliminate Clicks

Customers are usually annoyed when they are forced to fill a long list of form for submission. The credentials for filling up the sign in form should be as much least as possible.

 Feedback procedures

The most significant component that a user desires in any application is the interactive feedback system. The views, complaints and suggestion of the users can be lodged through the feedback system. Feedback system helps the organisation to fulfill the present and future expectations of the users.

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