Targeting the Youth With Influencer Marketing Can Help in Gathering Real ROI

Influencer Marketing

Overview of the influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is the form of marketing where the influencer (a person with a sizable no. of followers) is used to promote one’s products and brands. Marketing of this kind is getting more and more popular every day. According to a survey, over 84% of the marketers are planning to launch at least one influencer marketing campaign within 12 months.

There are plenty of reasons behind it, and one of the primary reasons is because of its massive return on investment. One of the study shows that an effective influencer marketing campaign can provide $6.5 or more return on investment. It shows why this form of a marketing campaign is getting more priority in the recent times.

Why influencer marketing with youth culture?

There are many influencer marketing strategies out there. In this article, we will discuss how influencer marketing with youth culture can increase your return on investment. First of all, let’s focus on some research statistics. Millennials are the largest group in the United States, taking over the baby boomers. It provides a proof of how important young people are, and why you should pay particular attention to the youth culture.

The best way to reach the youth is via social media platforms. However, the social media platforms nowadays have restricted the range of the company pages, forcing them to pay to have a good organic reach. It is where the influencer marketing plays a key role. The influencers have the power to reach and influence their audience in a better way. Here are some of the reasons why influencer marketing with youth culture can maximize your return on investment.

  1. Youth are the most heavily influenced groups

Many people fall under different demographics. Some are kids; some are middle-aged people; some are old-aged people, and many are young people. Young people are always looking for adventures and new things. They are passionate about a lot of stuff, and they have the tendency to try new trends, applications, technology with a minimal hesitation unlike an older group of people.

And who are the ones who influence young people? They are the influencers. Youths subscribe to the influencer’s channel, and they follow them loyally. However, you should keep in mind that not all the influencers are equally effective in persuading the young people. Just having a large no. of followers also does not mean that they have the power to influence the young people. It’s necessary to do some bloggers outreach to find the right influencer for promoting your product.

  1. Millennials are the most brand-loyal generation

The Millennials are the most brand-loyal generation as it’s proven by this study. It shows how important it is to emphasize on this lot. If the influencer can stimulate the emotions of the young people, they are likely to be loyal to that influencer. As a brand, you need loyal customers to maintain a stable cash flow. If you provide a great value to the young people, they are more likely to be loyal to your brand.

Loyal customers are not only limited to purchasing your product. They are passionate about your product, and they are very much likely to recommend your products to other people as well. It means that when you focus on the youth culture, they are likely to be loyal to your brand. They, along with their friends and family members will purchase your product, which automatically increases your return on investment.

  1. High chance to be viral

The influencers who are aligning with the youth culture are very much aware of the current trends in their locality, college, and the market. These influencers have a good idea of what kind of content has a real appeal among their subscribers. The material which is in the trend and which touches the heart of the young people are more likely to be shared by their followers.  It means that the content will reach even more people with similar interest.

What do you need to have to have a good return on investment? Your post needs to reach to a higher number of individuals who fall under your target market. And a viral content helps in reaching a large number of persons, which eventually increases the return on investment.


Millennials along with Gen Z can be trend setters, customers, or both. It’s necessary for the businesses to give high emphasis to the current generation of young consumers. This article must have provided you with valuable insights to construct your marketing plan. To gain the most out of your marketing campaign, it’s crucial for you to focus on the youth culture.

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