The Vulnerability & Safeguarding of the Healthcare Tech Sector from Cyber Attack

healthcare techWith just about everything being accomplished online and the advent of internet and further advanced technology, the healthcare sector too is going digital. The internet is such a treasure trove of information that it is quite natural for more and more individuals and organizations to increasingly depend on it for information and other conveniences. However, with the exponential progress of technology, the concerns for digital security are definitely on the rise. These concerns have also been hounding the healthcare sector.

The Threat

Individuals or organizations with queries or other necessities pertaining to the healthcare sector are looking towards the internet and digital technology for the sake of convenience and time saving. However, along with the ease that these technologies offer, there is a sinister threat of cyber attack making the hospitals along with the entire healthcare sector increasingly vulnerable.

In a larger and more holistic context security encompasses the physical as well as cyber security. Cyber security in particular entails protecting the data and systems from cyber threats like cyber terrorism, cyber warfare, and cyber spying to name a few.

Points of Vulnerability

In an effort to attain and provide hassle free medical assistance, there is an influx of greatly efficient applications and health portals where the users save their personal information, communication information (highly lucrative for cybercriminals), medical reports and other relevant medical information. The prime concern for these healthcare applications is to keep the users’ data safe and secure.

The Effect

The cyber crime fraternity is however becoming increasingly active in using encryption as a weapon to breach such medical data and records for illegal activities. It is this data breach in the healthcare sector that is not only impacting the sale and reputation of the brands, but shattering the users’ trust in the organization too.

The Solution

There is an elegant solution to this seemingly monstrous threat that seems to have enveloped the cyber world of the healthcare sector. An apt and optimum use of a variety of technologies like ‘Web Application Firewall’ technology, ‘Application Access Management’ technology to eradicate data leakage along with ‘Application Delivery Controller’ that not only improve the security aspect but benefit the overall performance too.

It is imperative that these security solutions be incorporated seamlessly into the application architecture. The healthcare sector is increasingly improving the usability, flexibility, scalability, and interoperability of the application architecture with the assistance of industry standard servers.

In order to secure the website, the healthcare applications use cryptographic protocols that provide communications security over a computer network. Additionally, with the implementation of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) in healthcare websites, there is a secure encryption between web servers and browsers.

In addition to these measures, the stakeholders in this industry are resorting to the use of powerful multi-tenancy solutions to application networking by implementing ‘Application Delivery Partitions’. In the current scenario, it has become a necessity for various health care organizations to adopt a multi-layered approach and protect themselves from the varied forms of ‘Cyber Attack’.

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