The Growth of Social Media: How Can it Impact Your Marketing?

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There are so many social media platforms on the internet right now. Some of the popular social media networks are Facebook, the Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and others. As the number of people having access to the internet are growing at a rapid pace, the members on such platforms are also growing at a rapid pace. According to statistics, Facebook already has more than 1.7 billion members worldwide, and it’s still increasing.

There is a special budget allocated for social media marketing by businesses. Many companies are trying a lot of innovative ways of running a social media marketing campaign. One can publish videos, sound clips, and more to promote their products, and it’s also equally effective for direct-response advertisement. Moreover, products like Facebook Messenger are revolutionizing customer support and e-commerce. The importance of the social media is likely to grow more in the near future.

How should marketers view the growth of social media?

To know how the social media’s growth can impact marketing, it’s necessary to discuss this topic with an expert. Luke Ball who is the Senior Director of Product Management at the Salesforce knows a lot about the social media marketing. This topic was discussed with Luke in one episode of the Marketing Cloudcast. There were many insights gained from the discussion on what the growth of social media means to the marketing.

Here are a few points, which will help you understand how the growth of social media can impact your marketing.

  • Customer engagement in the social media

People usually spend a lot of time in the social media because of various reasons. According to a survey, 76% of the Facebook users visit the site daily. This shows the potential of customer engagement in the social media. They way businesses perceive and use the social media is gradually changing. The businesses are realizing that a simple form of advertising on the social media platform is not enough.

Now, they realize the huge potential of the social media, and they are integrating social media into their business operations in more effective ways. The businesses are also using micro-influencers to run some micro-influencer marketing campaigns.

Nowadays, we are even seeing channels emerging within channels. One of the best examples of channels emerging within channels is the Facebook messenger.

  • High volume of social listening data

You are able to capture a real-time data from the social media platforms. Many people don’t hesitate to give their view on various brands, products, and services. You can collect their views on your brand as well as your competitor’s brand. A huge volume of important data can be collected via social media, which can be used to improve your business operation.

The data collected from the social media is not only important for marketers and marketing department, but it’s equally important for all the departments. Furthermore, the arrival of the sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp has made it even easier to find out the customer’s views about a product or a service.

  • Broaden your perception towards social media

The social media is evolving at such a rapid pace that businesses are struggling to catch up with the evolution. Still, there are businesses who only view the social media platforms as the way to publish the content and to engage the audiences. It’s necessary to broaden your perception towards social media. With so many valuable insights and information revolving around the social media, you should know how that valuable information and insights can be to your business.

  • Customer service via social media is awesome

According to a study, 9 out of 10 people want to contact the business via messaging. With the help of social media platform, you can quickly solve the customer’s problems; hence, making them happy. The happy customers will reach others through the words of mouth, which will eventually increase your ROI. Furthermore, it’s far less cheap methods to provide customer service through social media in comparison to other channels.

  • You can easily access tools and data

There are teams of practitioners who are involved in enabling, governing, empowering, and selecting the right tools and strategies for their businesses to make it successful. Due to this shift, the tools must be prioritized, according to the usage and uses. It’s necessary to make sure that your tools are easy to use, learn, and access.  All the tools must be consolidated to make it a one-stop solution for the users.

The businesses must make both tools and data accessible for the users. This task is quite possible now, which was like a dream in the early days of social media.

  • Social data must not be ignored

Sometimes brands forget that their customers are human beings with emotions. They want to sell and promote their products, but they tend to ignore the social aspects of their life. Do not ignore the social data because it can be valuable information for your business. Think about how you can make your customers happy with some of the special events of their life. Think about the ways your company can fit into the life of the customers. It will help in enhancing brand awareness and loyalty.


By now, you must’ve understood the power of social media, and how you are able to fully utilize various social media platforms for your marketing campaigns. There’s a lot of buzz about social media marketing on the internet because of its power and effectiveness. Many businesses are already utilizing various social media platforms and they are getting a good return on their investment.

If you’re still not using the social media platforms to market your products, then it’s a high time for you to use it. Make full use of the social media to get attractive outcomes from your campaigns.

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