Top 3 Things You Wish You Knew Before Coming Up with a Digital Marketing Plan

digital marketing plan

You want to ensure that all your hard earned money is spent at the right place and in front of the right people, and developing a super-duper digital marketing plan under such circumstances is quite arduous.

You can read a lot on “what you should be doing” and that surely will help you setting up the right framework needed, however, here are some pointers on what to avoid while coming up with a digital marketing plans so that you don’t end up wasting most useful resources.

Avoid being everywhere

You might think that being everywhere, in this case on all social media channels, would help you reach a larger audience giving you greater visibility. Trust me, you don’t want to do that. You don’t want to waste your precious time and resources creating content for posts where you don’t have your audience.

So before jumping in and creating profiles for all social media channels it’s better to understand where exactly your audience hangs out and then jump in to talk to them there. Sure, it’s fantastic to get exposure, but in case your target audience is not on LinkedIn then guess what? You shouldn’t be there too.

Have your brand in mind and reflect on the differences in each social platform. Know where your customers are and invest your time wisely.

Avoid targeting everyone

If you are attempting to talk to everybody then you’re probably going to miss out on ‘somebody’. Instead focus on that ‘somebody’ so that the probability of it reaching the ears of not-somebody goes down. If done correctly, you have a higher conversion rate which will keep you higher than a lot of your competition.

Consider what you want to say and the way you’re going to mention it. You don’t have to burn through your price range with poorly located online advertisements just because you have some extra money  and/or just because you have to. You need to take the focus to who you need to talk to, where do they hang out and what they want out of your brand. Impressions are pointless if those who are passively viewing your brand aren’t actively engaging with it. Leads should be the metric you need to focus on.

Avoid being obsessed with Vanity Metrics

Obsession is good but only when you use it to make yourself better. So what, if you got 500 likes on Facebook. Is it better than that other company who got just got 10 likes but 2 out of which actually avail their offer. The truth is nobody cares how many likes and shares you’ve got and you shouldn’t care too.

You can’t get hung up on likes, since it’s all about engagement. This is prime to the achievement of your digital marketing plan and also you must use break up checking out and appropriate concentrated on to get the great results.

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