Where Exactly is Your Customer Service Lagging Behind?

customer service chatThe year 2017 has brought many possibilities for all of us. It is said that the prospects of good business has a total dependence on the understanding that grows between the customers and the service provider. Gone are the days when customers were ready to accept whatever was served to them. With the passing times, customers have become more choosy as well as more impatient.

So to really fructify the meaningful prospects of business, it is necessary to understand the psyche of the customers because with that understanding comes the scope of innovation and a completely new perception towards delivering an unprecedented customer service.

Now the question is what makes a customer service success. And when we dig deeper, we get to know that the customer success is not merely about fulfilling the customer needs but to be aware in well advance about those particular needs that they may have to deal with in the near or far future. Here it is necessary to understand the difference between the two, like creating the need for the customers and understanding the needs in advance.

Let’s look at the scenario today’s advancements in customer support with several other perspectives.

Who is Your Customer And Why

You and I, yes we are the customers when we are availing a service or rather looking for one. Now what counts is the experience that comes while availing the services. The customer experience is the only deciding factor that helps in judging how well the customer satisfaction level is in the customer support service.

According to the ACSI (American Customer Satisfaction Index), the satisfaction level of the customers has gone down and this article also suggests that the communication sector has seen the biggest slump in the customer satisfaction level. What could be a reason behind this despite all the communication infrastructure?

This clearly depicts that there is a big gap between customer needs and the services being delivered. In other sense, the gap between the two poles, the customers and the service provider is wider when the sensibilities mismatch. Or in other words, what is being delivered to the customers is not scaling up to the expectations of a good experience.

The customer psyche is a complicated thing, and making a way through it is a matter of patience and unflinching resilience. It takes its own time to be through with the customer psyche. But there is another way that has an aid to address this issue and that is if we use the data. The meaningful deductions from the data has a big role to play in the current times. The most rewarding ideas towards designing a meaningful service for the customers comes with statistical deductions that lead to logical speculations about the customer behaviour.

Knowing the core of the customer’s thinking process makes you well prepared towards delivering your customers best services irrespective of the industry. When statistics are involved then the scenario of developing a good customer support system becomes more likely to get productive results.

But Jeffrey Gitomer, author and business trainer said in his book that, “ Customer Satisfaction is worthless. Customer loyalty is priceless.”

Was he write? Did he really make a point? We’ll gradually see through the article his version as well.

Check If You Are Not Selling Fake Dreams To Your Customers

The idea of serving your customers well is all about opting for the best possible way ahead with the offerings that are simply meaningful to your customers. The best approach is to deliver the customers a service that has a lot to do with, what the customers are looking for and yes it should capture the essence of the dreams of the customers.

Gian Luigi Longinotti- Buitoni, the ex CEO of Ferrari North America, he used a term “dreamketing ”. In his book, “Selling Dreams, How To make Any Product Irresistible”, he said that ,“Make your customers dream about your product”, the relationship between the customer and the product should be such. He was very much right in this stake.

If you are managing brands then it is not merely marketing but its artistic attitude should be visible to the customers.

The product idea should be aligned to the scheme of your business and one has to make things more customer centric. This further means bringing in the possible innovations to the services.

But problem arrives when your selling propositions don’t match with the dream product of your customers. This mismatch may result in the odd results for your business. So, once this gap is narrowed down, effectively then the results get a totally new perspective and get more inclined towards customer success. But this customer success is a result of good customer experience and this can only happen with a perpetual satisfactory experience for the customers. If delivering a satisfactory service to the customers becomes a practice then customer loyalty is imminent. Why would a customer leave a service provider if his sensibilities are matched with his own. In a way, it can be said that a volatile customer satisfaction is not able to get a permanence in customer loyalty. Gitomer was right about the customer loyalty part.

Create Harmony With The Change

Most of the industries are facing great changes and they are opting for new and smart technologies. For example, customer support environment has opted for cloud technology and the changes we are witnessing are severe. The unprecedented results because of the data analytics is more visible in the industry.

The idea is to make the best possible ways towards the customer benefits and accepting the changes as challenges and further create a productive solution. A simple idea can be turned into a better prospect if the customer experience is always kept in priority.

The best possible way is to make things more inclined towards the benefits of every individual customer and keeping every customer in the orbit means, taking care of every individual need.

Ideas Of Better Customer Approach

The most relevant ideas in customer services are the ones that help the customers to grow in understanding and make things more idealistic for the betterment of the services.

In the same context, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has also started to touch the customer support environment. Although it is still in its very nascent phase and this idea will take a little more time to launch and make things more inclined towards getting appropriate responses.

It has been predicted that the robots may replace the contact centers in coming future. Bringing intelligence to your automatic responses is all about making the technology able to take decisions on the behalf of the humans. And any autonomy that is given to the technology should be well administered.

Making an automated customer support service is about an intelligent usage of the deductions from the customer data and the predictive analytics have been of great help in the recent times. Designing a good customer support system can only be achieved with utmost understanding about the customers and their needs.

Know Thy Customer

If you are well aware of your customer’s psyche then you can create the best possible ways to satisfy the needs of your customers. Knowing your customers mean understanding their needs beforehand and then designing the services accordingly.

Eventually, a good customer experience is the ultimate motive of every service that is being delivered. Great innovations are round the corner, it is up to you how you get motivated and use all the technological potential for the well-being of the customers in terms of experience and the urge behind fulfilling their needs.

Siri from Apple and Alexa from Amazon has given a totally new perspective to the customer experience and in the coming future the voice-based customer support will grow in its potentiality. To enhance the customer experience some companies are also trying to design home appliances that could take the voice command from the user and work accordingly.

Eventually, every perspective in the customer support environment depends on how well you know your customers. Steve Jobs was absolutely right when he said, “You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology – not the other way round.”

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