Coworking Spaces Versus Traditional Offices for Startups

coworking office

Coworking is a simple concept! This is based off of the idea that people like to be around each other and work in a Collaborative atmosphere that is exciting and friendly.

A shared office where like-minded people from many backgrounds and corporations come together to work. It is a new concept that is gaining traction globally. Here I am going to explain about the difference in a coworking space and owning a Private Office.

1. In a coworking space, you don’t have to be alone; in a private office, you are alone.

Most of the coworking spaces offer isolated areas, where you can work in concentration only if it is a requirement, however you don’t have to be alone as you would be in a private office. Humans are social and just being around other people increases quality of life & work. Additionally, most such spaces host events and meetings on how to grow a business.

2. In a coworking space, there are opportunities for spontaneous collaboration; in a private office, collaboration comes only from happenstances.

The loveliness of this work to have occasions to work together. Knowledge, experience, and connections can be shared simply through the day-to-day exchanges.

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3. In a coworking space, we can work with shared resources; in a private office, you must personally invest in all the resources you need.

Coworking spaces come fully loaded with furniture, Tea/Coffee, High Speed internet, Printing/Scan Copy. This serves you as a Plug and play office.

4. In a coworking space, the pass is issued towards your own affordability; in a private office, the lease agreements are issued toward property owner profit.

Coworking memberships are on average, around 40% of the cost of leasing an office. Plus these spaces don’t require 1-3 year lease agreements that many private office spaces enter into, there is a less risk involved in the capital expenditure which is needed to transfer into to a coworking space instead of a private office.

5. In a coworking space, it is obvious to be productive; in a private office, you are forced to be Productive

There’s this interesting phenomenon coworking appears to have exposed: social pressure. You are being encircled by people who are working relatively hard, staying motivated /focused, and make things happening. It can be hard to stay committed when alone to break you out from browsing Facebook.

While there are many more differences between the two, above I have mentioned a few points that show about how curious people would be in working with a coworking space, we encourage you to try one out for a day to see how you like it!

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