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Yes, content the most hearable terms whenever you think about making or optimizing your website as per the guidance of search engines. But do you actually know what does SEO rich content means? Or how to write a rich & wealthy content for your website to increase traffic & productivity. So these are the various FAQ comes under the mind of a newbie. And if you are a newbie, then this post is absolutely for you. So here we go.

What does Content Mean for Humans?

Content means a lot for a website. Keeping the blog section apart as the blog is all about content, and we aren’t talking about the blog area here. So if you are developing a website for your business then you must ensure that the content you are delivering over your website must me nice and easy. As a visitor won’t convert into your customer by seeing your photographs or videos or forums etc, What exactly will turn a visitor into a customer is the content you are delivering over your website. Because content is the only way to represent your product & services in an effective manner. So if you want you a visitor to convert into a customer, you must maintain a rapport with a nice and organized content.

content for human
Content for humans

What Does Content Mean for Search Engines?

Content plays 50 % role in terms of crawling to the top of the search engines. Content is the only thing crawlable by search engines easy and quick. yeah, search engines also take the time to crawl your website in terms of codes, images, java scripts, and layout. What they get easily is the content written on your website. So content is important. And to won’t lose your time or alternatively entertain some tiny end results you must ensure that your website will be content rich in order to deliver your target audience what they want nice and quick.

Now the main part is how to write a one time content easily readable by Humans & nicely crawlable by Search Engines. And before that, you must know the history of how search engines take content before as compared to how they crawl it now.

content for search engine

Content for Search Engines

How Search Engines Crawled Content Before

Once upon a time, content writing for a website was done only considering the search engines. Few years before content for the website were made only to get in the top ranking of search engines only. It didn’t really matter for the content writer or website maker to develop a content easy and nice for the homo sepia ns. All they care about is to get in the top ranking of search engines via tricking the content.

What they do is to create a large amount of useless content with repeating the focus keywords so many time, that’s it. Because few year before as soon as someone enters the keyword to search in search engines, they crawl the indexed pages and display that page at the top which had that particular keyword mentioned a numerous number of times. There were no such algorithms like Penguin, Panda which we have now.

What only matter at that time was how many times a keyword is appearing over a particular page resulting low-quality bad content can’t even readable by humans.

how search engines crawled content before

So this is how things were working before But not today, search engines changed their criteria completely. Now the content is not measured by the presence of focus keywords. There are various other criteria to rank a content via search engines like:-

  • Keyword must be mentioned a limited number of time.
  • Content must have H1/H2 Tags.
  • The content must not be in the passive voice more than a limited amount.
  • The transition phase must not be over advice.
  • The paragraph must not be too long or too short (maintain a 300-word limit).
  • The sentence must not be too long or too short.
  • Mention keywords in Heading tags.
  • The copy of your content must be easy to read and understand.

How Search Engines Crawl Content Now

So these are the basics and important tactics you must follow while developing your copy of content. Now here you and see as you go through the tactics mentioned above that search engine is crawling the content on the behalf of both (humans too). As search engines keep changing and updating their crawling algorithm because they have competition too. So to beat the race, they have to deliver the best quality results to their user ASAP. So they crawl your copy of the content on the basis of points mentioned above. Now here is the tricky part, search engines aren’t human then why the length of a paragraph or sentence matter to them. Don’t you think why the copy of your content must be easy to read and understand as a search engine is not gonna use it for personal profit? So here is the part

How search engines crawl content now

Search Engines now crawl the content for them as well as humans too. As their users are human so if they aren’t able to deliver the best quality results to their user, then humans are mean if they didn’t find anything useful they will not thinking twice changing their default search engine. So to maintain a rapport with customers, search engines made some changes in their crawling factor to deliver best quality results to their users. Now we know that what are those factors but have a look below to know that how they will help humans too.

Keeping the backlinking section apart, a website must possess the points mentioned above to crawl to the top of the search engine ranking.

How to Rank Top in Search Engine via Content on the Behalf of Humans

Do not copy: As copy pasting the layout, images and the content of a website will not only demote but also get your website thrown out of the market. So whatever you do try to represent a website with fresh, genuine and up-to-date content.

Keyword Placement: Only the 2.5 % area of the whole content contain keywords. As sticking keyword everywhere will not only drop down your website. But also will be uncomfortable for the humans to go through all over the content. So you have to maintain a 2.5 & advised keyword capacity to give your user best quality results. When you take care of your user, then google will take care of you.

The body of the content: You all over ranking and visitors experience depends on the way you represent your content. If your content is sluggish, long & contain grammatical errors then it will be merely possible for a user to go through the content. So as soon as a visitor finds it cheap and irritating, it won’t think twice about clicking close.

Passive voice: Keep a limited amount of passive voice in your website or post. As a person is reading the conversation of two people talking about the third person. Then it will be confusing and complicated. So if a user doesn’t like it then google don’t like it.

Transition Phrase: As I also don’t know about it. It’s a kind of phrase which must be in limit. So as I don’t know much I also can’t tell you about it. Oops !. Just keep it in a limit.

How to Rank Top in Search Engine via content on the Behalf of Search Engines

Here is the thing you must understand. If your content is genuine, good, up-to-date and fresh then obviously humans will like it. See the point is –

” a human searched something in the search bar -> get the results -> click on the top few results -> encounter the website with content -> find it useful / not useful -> keep going through / hit the close button -> lower the bounce rate / increase the bounce rate”

So this is the criteria, Search engines will know whether a user liked or not liked the particular website. So the website with higher bounce rate will be dropped down and the website with lower bounce rate will be ranked top.

So here I tried to cover a lot in a single post only for you. But as you know even the subset of this topic will be lengthy more than the post I am representing. So we will cover the other topics next time. As it is merely possible to get everything regarding the search engine from a single post. So keep calm, Keep Reading and be relax and wait for our other post.

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