10 Most Useful Features So Far in Upcoming Android O

Android O

Google I/O was packed with full of exciting announcements. With 2 billion activated Android devices, it has surpassed the wildest expectations of Google. As per the tech giant, Android O will bring more fluid experience to our smartphones.

Let’s see the 10 best upcoming features of Android O.

1. Google Lens

The Android O powered smartphone camera won’t just see what you can see on the screen, but will also understand and help you take action. Point your camera towards something and Google Lens will tell you what it is.

E.g. Point towards a flower and it will tell you it’s a flower and it will IDENTIFY the type of Flower. Sounds very futuristic, isn’t it?

2. Google PlayStore Protect – More security for Application Store

Android O will come with an artificial intelligence (AI) feature called – Play Protect, to protect your smartphone against the malicious app. It will also scan millions of smartphone and apps per day to make sure Google App Store is a healthy place to download any apps.

3. Picture-in-Picture: Seamless Multitasking

It’s an interesting and very useful feature – let the user manage 2 tasks simultaneously. You will be able to write the recipe in your Evernote or doc file while watching YouTube video simultaneously. In short, a seamless multitasking on any Android device.

Google’s upcoming mobile OS, known as Android O, is now available to anyone who has signed up for Android Beta Program and has the Pixel, Pixel XL, Nexus 6P or 5x smartphones.

4. Notification Snoozing – Busy, I’ll remind you to visit later

Users can combine notification of similar apps into one channel. This is a very productive functionality which let the user snooze notification to show up after some time if you are busy.

5. Password Autofill – No need to remember stuff

Functionality is as simple as the name sounds. It lets the user save the password, phone number, card details etc. The feature is available in Chrome for some time now. But I am happy that it’s now available on Android. Switching from one app to another will be lots smoother now.

6. Smart Text Selection or Easy Copy Paste – Improve productivity

This feature will make your copy paste experience with Android much better. By selecting any entity will open the appropriate app to carry out the action. E.g. By selecting any phone number will open dialer to call the number. Small but very efficient and productive feature.

7. TensorFlow Lite – AI feature

As Android AI feature which takes advantage of machine learning to improve the user experience.

8. Android TV Home Screen

A new home screen for Android TV, which makes it easy for users to find and watch video content provided by the apps.

9. Setting Page

Gone are the days of the long scrolling setting page. Android O has a simple and a shorter setting page, with the only important feature list.

10. Background Usage Limits

Earlier it was easy for any unoptimized app to overuse the hardware resources of your phone resulting performance issues. Android O will limit the background usage of any app. Improving the performance of the device, hence less usage of the battery.

Special Mentions – as these features are not applicable to all Android devices.

Android GO

Lighter Android O version for entry level android phones (1 GB or less memory)

Google Assistant Meets Siri

Well, it was a hard matchmaking, but Google did it anyways. 😛
Now, iPhone users can use Google assistance on their phones. Apart from the voice command, they will be able to type the query in assisting to get answers as well (useful for the noisy environment).

Apart from the mentioned features, Google has announced other bunch of features for developers related to AI. Visit Google. AI for more information. The article is for techno-savvy or Android enthusiast, non-developers. Developers and check out for more information.

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