Six-Box Model to Check the Health of Your Startup

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If you have just started your business, you probably wonder whether all is correct and effective enough or there’s a gap between what you have and what should be. In many cases, that gap is invisible until it is too large and almost catastrophic. Alas, there is a point of no return, and once you passed it, you’re no longer able to control the situation.

The most difficult thing is to understand on what to focus your business efforts. There are many factors that influence a successful business operation so that you need a lot of time and resources to analyze them. That’s where Six-Box Model by Marvin Weisbord comes in handy.

What is the Six-Box Model?

Weisbord claimed that any company must be persistent in six key areas to be successful:

  1. Goals (mission and objectives of the company).
  2. Structure (the organization of the working process).
  3. Relationships (the way in which people communicate).
  4. Rewards (internal and external rewards).
  5. Leadership (the type of leadership and its harmony with the business environment).
  6. Additional components (Planning, monitoring, budgeting and other systems that help to achieve the goals).

Each of these areas is affected by the external environment – money, equipment, and ideas. Weisbord offered a lot of questions for each area to help businessmen to use his model. Answers to the questions below will reveal the problems existing in the company and also show what you need to modify and improve.

#1 Goals

  • Do you have a clear mission and vision for the future? Do you use them effectively?
  • Does your team clearly understand the tasks that you assign it?
  • Are you satisfied with the objectives or the need to review them?
  • How many members of your team are involved in goal setting?
  • Do your goals affect sales and the quality of your products and services?
  • Do your goals meet your opportunities?
  • Is there a difference between what you want to do and what you’re actually doing?

#2 Structure

  • Does the organizational structure meet your goals?
  • How does the structure affect the communication in the company?
  • What is the difference between formal and informal structure?
  • What do you do to maintain formal and informal structure?

#3 Relationships

  • Is the communication process between the members of your business team effective?
  • What is the atmosphere in the team?
  • How effective is the communication between people from different departments?
  • Is your staff willing to cooperate?
  • Do your employees’ skills meet their positions?
  • Are there any conflicts?
  • Are the existing conflicts resolved effectively?

#4 Rewards

  • Are the informal encouragement and incentives effective?
  • What actions and results require compensation?
  • What encouraging people take for granted? What rewards are treated as valuable?
  • How timely do you reward your team members?
  • Do the rewards meet the goals and mission of your company?

#5 Leadership

Weisbord considers this area the most important – it is in the center of the model and affects all the other elements. Here the leader determines the right balance between the five areas.

  • Do managers and understand and accept the mission and vision of the future?
  • Do you need to constantly remind the employees that the stated goal is still valid?
  • Is your manager ethical enough? Whether they manage the company or govern it?
  • How do you choose managers? Are they resistant to stresses?
  • What style of leadership prevails in your company?

#6 Additional Components

  • Do you have a clear plan and strategy?
  • Do you use your budget and time effectively?
  • How effective is the communication process?
  • Is there a mechanism for performance evaluation?

Yes, there are a lot of question to answer. If it seems too difficult, create an anti-crisis team that will help you to find out clear and (what’s even more important) fair answers.

If something is wrong in your company, most likely, the problem lies in one of the six areas above. Find it, and you’ll be able to take your business to the next level!

I wish you all the best in your entrepreneurial endeavors!

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    Lucy I must say this is an excellent and really very informative one. Each and every startup is looking for the ways which can help it to be stable and run forward and I am sure this six box model is going to help may startups. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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