Signs You Should Quit Your Job

quitting job

Go to school, get a job, go to work, get married, have some kids, pay your taxes, pay your bills, watch tv, listen to the news, obey the law, now repeat after me: I am free…

How many of us have preprogrammed brains that have a set outlook on life? When we get a good degree, we see it as a sign of an easy entry in the job market. When we get a good job, we subconsciously assume that our life is on the right track. Getting your first job is an important milestone in your life. You finally feel like an adult. You cherish the financial independence that you presume you will have (if you do not have to repay loans). Everything seems rosy and beautiful. Except that it’s not.

After the first few months of your new job, reality starts to set in. The thrill of having a new job wears off. Your life starts feeling mundane. Workplace politics begin to take its toll. You also realize that the efforts you make often go unnoticed. Your mistakes are highlighted more than your achievements, In a nutshell, you begin wondering if it’s all worth it. Work begins to feel like a glorified form of slavery. You begin to wonder if you are getting as much in return as you are giving. If the thought of leaving your job has crossed your mind, perhaps you need a little bit of convincing to do it!

Signs You Should Quit Your Job

Your Job Is Stressing You Out

Do you hate getting up in the morning because that entails going to work? Do you look forward to the weekend more than you should? Do you begin looking at the clock as soon you get to work? If yes, then maybe you need to consider leaving your job. While most people are not head over heels in love with their jobs, an extreme dislike for a particular job can be unhealthy. Work stress can be detrimental to your physical and mental health. If you have lost your appetite over work, feel restless and exhausted all the time, or have become irritable and short-tempered because of your work, please consult a doctor, and consider quitting your job

You Are Sick Of Work Politics

Seems like high schools aren’t the only places plagued by bullying. Workplaces have their own share of politics and bullying. While a little politics is healthy and ubiquitous, sometimes things can go out of hand. If you think you had had enough of it, you may consider switching your job.

You Are Not Valued

When I worked at an office for a brief period of time, I heard colleagues complain about how their hard work is never appreciated. I have seen senior managers feeling insecure because of trainees. I have seen mentors not allocating any work to trainees because they fear the trainees will perform better than them. At first, this behavior baffled me. Aren’t your seniors suppose to help you and guide you? Within a few months, I realized that the real world doesn’t work that way. Most of the times your hard work will go unnoticed, deliberately. Apart from this, most companies do not adequately compensate their employees financially. They make so many bucks off you and pay peanuts in return. Just think about it, do you want to work in a company where you are not valued in any way?

You Can Be An Entrepreneur

A lot of people are quitting their jobs to be entrepreneurs. A lot of universities are offering entrepreneurial courses. Having your own business has a lot of advantages (and some drawbacks too, of course). If you think you have a business idea that is worth pursuing, I say go for it. Having your own venture can be thrilling and exciting. Sure, there are chances of failure, but what in the world is failure-proof?

Workplace stress can pose serious mental and physical health risks. If you feel that you are not cut out for a particular type of job, do not think too much about switching it. Keep an eye on job advertisements. Try to find a job that suits you. If you feel that 9-5 culture isn’t for you, assess your skills and consider starting a startup. Personally, I feel that if any person invests as much time and effort into his own venture as he does to a 9-5 job, his business would be a success. Just think about it. An average person spends 11 to 12 hours on work or work-related activities. You spend 8 hours at work, 1 to 2 hours commuting, and 1 hour getting ready. Do not give that large a chunk of your life to a company that does not value you!

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