Importance of Positive Customer Interaction in Boosting Sales


“Make the customer the hero of your story” quotes Ann Handley, one of the bestselling authors. It is very difficult for the businesses to survive the first contact with a customer if they have not planned the customer interaction well. Moreover, each scenario of customer interaction is different. And this can bring a lot of changes in the way your business works.

Customers might yell, vent, interact or call you to have a conversation about your business. All you need to do is indulge into positive customer interaction and listen. Read further to know how positive interaction can help you in boosting sales.

Customer satisfaction is must

Customer satisfaction should be the core value of every business if it wants to succeed. You should be able to bring positive experiences for your customer by keeping the culture of your company customer centric. Try to learn from every customer interaction experience you have as that will give you insights as to how to deal with similar issues in the future. If you have an eCommerce business you can use such insights to develop your ecommerce store accordingly.

Training programs for better interaction

Dealing with difficult customers becomes quite common when you are promoting your products and services. You can record the conversations or get chat transcripts of the live chat and conduct trainings based on the best and worst conversations. These case studies can be a part of your training programs and help your sales representative to serve better. If you have an engaged customer base, you will get a regular feedback about different aspects of your company. And improving upon these aspects will lead you to have better sales.

Customer recovery helps

Several researches have proved that previous customers can help your business yield better sales as compared to the new ones. The time spent in marketing your business to new customers can be spent to revive the relationship with old customers. You also might have had a very bad experience with some of your past customers. But if you try to get back to them and know their concerns, you will be able to handle the next situation in a smooth manner.

Employee motivation

When your employees are keen on enhancing customer satisfaction by gaining experience from interaction, it will motivate them and the number of angry customers will also go down. After all, no one likes to deal with complains all the time. Thus, more motivation means better customer interaction and vice versa.

Enhanced business operations

Businesses that learn from the customer support team grow a lot. You can tweak your operational procedures based on the interactions with customers. Now, this might sound difficult and risky to get on with. But once you do that, it will bring more success with customers and create a positive business culture.

Customer referrals that work

A research conducted by Wharton School of Business revealed that a referral has 16% higher lifetime value and costs less to acquire as compared to a non-referral. Referrals work the best when the sales are closing and the customers are less demanding. When you walk that extra mile to offer outstanding customer experience, you will make an enthusiastic referral out of each of your customer. Take every customer interaction as a referral opportunity and you will be surprised with the results.

Get the competitive advantage

Irving Wladawsky-Berger, one of the guest columnists at Wall Street Journal quoted in one of his articles that “A company can set itself apart from the competitors in two ways. One, by providing superior customer experience and two, by offering lowest prices.” As there are several competitors that offer the similar products and services, you need to differentiate yourself from others. It is always better to provide superior quality service instead of comparing your prices with competitors and lowering your price based on that.

Real time conversations

It is very important to interact with your customers in real time. You might think that you can get back to them in 24 hours or reach them at your convenience. But this delay can cost you a lot. There are several customer interaction technologies that can help you to have real time conversations. Make sure you invest in one of these. Also consider including ‘click to call’ facility on your website and merge it with the call to action buttons. It will definitely result into better sales.

The above mentioned points would have given you an idea as to why customer interaction is so important and how to achieve it perfectly. Remember, customer’s happiness will lead your company to save millions. So work with your customers to develop and maintain successful business.

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