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In today’s world, Finance has become a very broad term with thousands of products being offered by different Banks and other financial institutions. For any consumer it is extremely hard to make a right choice from these fleet products and it is even harder when the choice has to be made for yourself. In most of the cases you do the following

  1. Search through the internet, wherein the information is so wide and become really difficult to filter the required one
  2. Taking references from your friends and family – In India this works the most as there is a sense of trust involved in it, however this has a lot of limitations in terms of depending on the Banks referred.
  3. Calling the Relationship Managers and asking for an advise – In this case mostly the manager will suggest a product offered by his bank, which may not be a suitable option for the customer. This might become even more complicated as the manager will tend to get pushy followed by a lots of phone calls and emails.

So what is the other option that consumers can think of in terms of getting a right advise on their personal finances? We at Mymoneykarma are addressing this problem by offering a tailor made financial advisory solution by creating a technology platform, based on your four financial habits

  1. Earnings
  2. Savings
  3. Borrowings &
  4. Spending

This advise is purely based on proprietary algorithms, which means the technology built by us will think for your finances and will suggest you without any human bias. The customer will be then given the options that are available in the market, which he can use to make his choice without any dependencies

Before founding the organization there has been a lot of research being done in differents parts of India, both Urban and Rural locations and based on the regular feedback the entire recommendation engine has been built.

Our solution helps people improve their finances by utilizing AI and machine learning to drive financial health and literacy. Imagine a personal financial concierge who automatically helps you optimize your spending, savings and investments based on your own personal habits and goals.

At mymoneykarma’s core is all about simplicity. It about taking the complexity and technology to the background and providing simple interfaces to empower customers to do things that they have not done before. Now the consumers don’t need to know the complex finance jargon to manage their finances any more.

About Us

Mymoneykarma is a financial technology company founded by a group of professionals based out of Stanford Business School, focusing on Workplace Comprehensive Financial Education by offering your employees a free online personal financing management tool with a bank level security

The core team of my money karma is composed of experienced financial services professionals and seasoned entrepreneurs who aim to make customer centric paradigm the focus of consumer financial services industry.

Ram Subramaniam:

A serial entrepreneur and an options trader who has founded and run many successful technology start-ups, has more than 20 years experience in technology management and business strategy. He is passionate about applying technology and Analytics to improve service standards in consumer financial services industry. He has a Master’s degree from Stanford Business School.

Varun Agarwal:

An experienced consumer services professional who has worked with Citi and Karvy in the wealth management and insurance business, has a successful track record of creating new business opportunities and building them to large business units. He is passionate about creating an ecosystem in the financial services space in which all parties can benefit. He has a Master’s degree from Alliance Business Academy & Chartered Institute Of Marketing, U.K.

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