Job Seekers! Are You Searching Under the Lamp-Post?

mullasMulla Nasruddin was frantically searching for something under the street light. A passerby on seeing this asked – Oh Mulla what are you searching?

I am searching for my lost key – said the mulla – visibly worried.

The passerby also got down on his fours and started searching. Time ticked by but no sign of the keys. Finally the passerby asked – Are you sure you lost them here ?

No said the Mulla. I lost them over there near my house. Shocked and at a loss of words the passerby asked then why are you searching for them here.

Oh that’s because the light is brighter here so i can see clearly.

Of course you know the Moral. But knowing is not enough. Wouldn’t you agree?

Consider this. When candidates decide to shift – what do they do? They either –

  • post their resume on a portal , or
  • call a recruiter

and then they wait.

So whats wrong?

Stats vary but less than 10% of the actual jobs available are posted on Job sites. And the percentage of job post responses that actually get a serious screening is abysmally low, way way down low.  So the refrain that the recruiters are not responding sounds abysmally hollow.


Whether the recruiter responds or not has a very insignificant impact on your job search.

Why because – the lions share of the actual job openings are not even appearing on the sites.

Here is what typically happens. The hiring manager has a opening in his team – he gets the word out amongst his friends , family and acquintances and scans for a possible fit. What could be better than  a known person working on the team.

If that doesn’t work he asks his team members, friends and family to refer their friends and family.If even that doesnt work he reaches out to the HR for help.

The HR does a search in their imediate horizon and share the requirement with the Recruiters. These recruiter might decide to post their Jobs and thats how you get to see the post.

Now you realize why it is so difficult to get recruited through job sites.

If you are not in a hurry – and are just staking out the market. Then by all means this approach works. But if you want a faster option – job sites/recruiters alone might not serve the purpose.

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