5 Proven Business Marketing Techniques for B2B

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Whenever you talk about business marketing strategies more often than not people assume it is about businesses that deal directly with consumers (retail, which is B2C). Nobody really seems to talk about business growth strategies related to B2B companies. Successful B2C businesses usually have years of experience dealing with customers and have developed effective marketing techniques based on that understanding. However, there is equally amazing opportunity for B2B companies to develop effective marketing techniques and grow their businesses.

Here are some really effective tips. But before that, let us clarify that the key here is to experiment and to not settle for what has always worked. Techniques and technologies change with time and to adapt the latest is the key to become successful.

  1. User Experience and User Interface

Undoubtedly the two most important aspects of taking a customer all the way from attracting them to convert them into a client are UX and UI. The way to go about that is to set your product values and sale propositions first and then test them vigorously. Analyze how your technique works with users (run a test drive with some users) and ensure the process is easy for them. Regulate their experience and work to make your UX and UI better.

  1. Make Things Exciting

You need to retain the customers you have and attract more by offering them the best you can. The best way to keep current customers hooked is by offering them something fun and engaging. Stand out at events, conferences and exhibitions by offering unique activities that surround your products and services. That keeps the crowd engaged not only at the event but with your products as well.

  1. Start Using LinkedIn

It’s great that your company has an active Twitter and Facebook account but if you really want to connect to other businesses the best way to do so is through LinkedIn. That is where you will find all the serious businessmen and companies. Begin by choosing a few people and connecting with them. Once they accept you, if they will, start connecting with them on a rather personal but professional level. Get in touch with them and start bringing them down the funnel slowly. Moreover, you can use LinkedIn to talk about your products, share blog posts and create a group for your own company where current customers can connect with each other. It can also prove to be a bank of knowledge for potential customers.

  1. Offer A Sneak Peek

This works by you offering a free version of your product. One of the biggest hindrances to effective business growth is when customers find it difficult to experience your product in the first place. Always offer them a free version that contains bare minimum number of features but enough to let the customers know about the product and get them excited about more.

  1. Share Video Testimonials

People rely on reviews and testimonials before spending on a product. Social proofs and testimonials work the same way for businesses as well. They are extremely powerful especially when in video format. It allows the potential customers to relate to the testimonials on a more personal and relatable level.

In A Nut Shell

These are just a few of the many ways you can grow your business, some techniques will prove more effective with your company than with others. It all depends on finding the specific techniques that resonate with you and your company the most and working on improvising.

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    Linkedin is one of the best medium for B2B marketing. Connecting with CEOs & founders of businesses gives a chance to explain the product and ask for their opinion. It helps in improving the product and can be helpful to improve sales.

    Great post!

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