How to Build a Winning Digital Brand

Digital Brand

Each day, several users find your brand online. Via social media, web searches and referral links they find you and initiate contact with you. If your brand thrives on digital channels, it is great! However, if it is not pliable enough, you are in for a hard time.

Digital branding is critical for your brand. You can edit or delete a Facebook post that you don’t like; however, you cannot turn around your brand from the web space as you deem fit. In this post, we shall discuss how to build a winning digital brand that is scalable, adaptable and which you can easily pivot with changing trends.

Digital Branding Trends you should Know About

Digital branding is a huge industry with several trends changing and emerging. These trends can help companies in boosting their online visibility and build a reputation.

#1 Social Media

Social media is a critical platform for digital branding initiatives. When a company starts to develop a digital branding strategy, social media is a pivotal platform for same.

#2 Mobile Optimization

In building a digital branding strategy, more and more companies are choosing the mobile platform to a crucial role in content optimization for the platform. According to Unbounce, 40% of the users say that they will leave the websites that aren’t optimized for mobile. Companies who pay attention to this medium are better prepared to build a memorable brand.

#3 Authenticity Matters

Authenticity is key when we talk about digital branding initiatives. Companies that give an impression of authenticity and honesty are more likely to have a good success rate with the customers.

#4 Ranking

Digital branding is used to create brand focus as well. Companies place their confidence in Google; hence, if they want their digital branding initiatives to succeed, they need to put in some efforts in ranking as well.

Steps to Winning Digital Branding

Digital branding is a crucial part of building a successful online presence; however, it is not easy. All companies aim to undertake digital branding but they must realize that digital branding efforts turn out to be good if the skill and knowledge to support them is good. Here are three steps that can help you boost up your digital branding efforts.

Step #1 Brand Personality

To develop the right brand personality, research your target customer. What issues are important to your customers? What is it that they value most? What customer problem does your product/service aim to resolve.  Does your target audience respond to formal and fact driven messaging or creative advertising and promotion messages.

Once you determine your brand’s personality, find a good way to communicate those attributes to the target audience. Whatever choices you make, every communication must say something about your company. This can include logo, color, typeface, tagline etc.

Your brand’s personality must echo through every part of your communication. Methodologies can be different, but the overall effect should be the same on target audience i.e. convey the desired message.

Step #2 Brand Activation

Activating the brand is one of the primary attempts of the company to make a favorable impression on the target audience. This is the time when companies need to determine their brand’s core values and how it will be distinguished from other brands. Whichever way is chosen, it should highlight the company asset and be beneficial for the long-term growth of the brand.

Initial efforts for brand activation can be done in the following ways:

  • Interactive Events: Live events give a chance to customers and companies to meet and converse. Customers can interact with the brand and the company to experience the product/service that gives a more personalized impression and is good for brand recall as well.
  • Promotional Marketing: Any form of promotional marketing can be good for raising awareness and encouraging first time consumers. A free trial, a short-term incentive, free giveaways etc. are popular examples.

Brand activation will work for you if you are successful in eliciting real customer engagement and response. In this respect, consider the following:

  • Arouse customer interest and curiosity using creative ideas and strategies.
  • Right timing helps. Connecting with customers at the right time can make a huge difference in your branding strategy effectiveness
  • Connecting with customers directly can be rewarding.

The most pertinent question here is how can you scale up your digital brand building efforts?

The right way to build your online branding efforts is to do them right from the beginning itself. This is critical because you need to create a brand that resonates with your team. Creating a clear visual identity and voice will facilitate a uniformity in your brand interaction initiatives and makes it simpler for everything representing your brand look and sound same.

Digital Branding and SEO

Successful branding involves using myriad strategies and concepts. It involves a mix of tried, tested principles, and agile methodologies that are evolving in the digital realm.

Branding doesn’t play a role in search engine rankings. Websites like test and measure several factors, which affect the Google SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Due to this, many digital marketers put branding on the back burner and work on link building and keyword stuffing. This is a flawed approach!

Although the strength of your brand does not affect rankings directly; however, there is a positive connection between a brand and its rankings.

Competition may not outrank you because of their experience and the fact that they are more well-known; they can outrank you if they beat you on SERPs.


To ensure building a strong digital brand identity, take action when required. It is important to sit together with relevant stakeholders involved and emphasize the importance of improving your brand to make your digital marketing efforts to be successful. Further, you need to audit your brand periodically to see its position, whether it has changed or not. Finally, reach out to for professional assistance if required. They can help you build a brand that can outperform competition.

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