Top SEO Tips For Mobile App Developers To Improve Search Ranking

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an activity that optimizes separate web pages or the whole website to make them amiable to obtain the higher ranking in the search results. All the vital search engines rank web pages or websites on the basis of certain factors that influence its ranking; thus, Search Engine Optimization aims at producing the perfect signals on the websites or web pages.

The core technique used in SEO is all about improving both related coding and content of the website to enhance its importance and visibility in organic searches by the search engines. Those websites acquire better rankings, and consistently get an increased number of visiting audience. The research is done on the basis analyzed optimization methodologies for individual web pages or the website in order to make them search engine friendly. Additionally, this study critically reviews and summarizes the key methodologies suggested in the contemporary literature.

Due to some recent developments on Google indexes and exhibition of mobile applications in organic search results, the applications can now show up in Google on the desktop or mobile search results for customers already searching for a brand.

In this blog, we will put forward some appropriate tips for Mobile app developers to optimize their web and mobile applications:

Choose The Application’s Name Carefully

The name of your application matters a lot because it links the anchor text in the website with the Android Market. Having these extremely popular websites linking to your application page and using your application’s brand name as the anchor text puts their huge link equity to work for you. Be sure that you feature your brand name in the URL of the download page for an added signal boost.

Link Apparently

Whether your application is desired enough to access the Android’s link equity or not, you must still tap your own.

Place your top pages; category pages and home pages, at your application’s profile pages. Don’t make a mistake of hiding these pages. If you don’t consider your applications vital enough to link from apparent pages, Google will not link them either.

Use Smart Link Text

Many Android app development companies make the typical “click here” SEO mistake repeatedly when their applications are linking to them without mentioning the brand in the links. To really rank well and get Google’s attention, deliver a strong message depicting that your Android application pages are all about your brand. For example, “Get this App for Android.”

Make it visible

You might be having a captive audience approaching your website with a smartphone. Make it convenient for them to download your application.

When various Android browsers hit your mobile and desktop site, at the top of the page, provide a link for them to download the suitable application for their device.

Make sure that Google’s new crawler Googlebot also sees the application’s links when it crawls through your pages. It must also able to see marked anchor text, not images.

Provide Shortcuts

QR codes help desktop visitors with easy application access and they are an emerging sign for mobile search engine rankings.

As a Mobile app developer, you should issue a dedicated QR code for each application you develop. All the links must be compressed before obtaining the QR code since native Android site URLs exceed 50 characters and you may need low-density QR codes around 25×25 pixels. Your QR platform must allow you measure crawl requests from great bots.

Recruit the press

If you publish a press release in order to promote the availability of your application, it needs to promote links with marked anchor text indicating at the application download page at Android.

Some news avenues will publish your press release as it is with entire links forming an immediate backlink network, with major anchor texts indicating at your new application.

Preferably, you will have to use the links in your press release that let you conveniently change the target later via 301 redirects without changing the press release itself when Android moves your application to a new URL.

Tell your friends

Brand pages on Facebook, Google Plus, Wikipedia, and LinkedIn allow different URLs in your profile. Your social media profiles are the strong search engine ranking opportunities in their own way. You can also give your applications an added boost by pointing the link equity of your social media profiles at your application pages.

While some social media sites do not allow you to generate an anchor text with your links, you can still use marked redirect links to track crawls and clicks between application pages and third-party social websites for evaluating the work.

Being an Mobile app developer, Getting your application to win in Google’s ranking is not as easy as it seems. It is all about deciding what you want and positioning your digital benefits to sending the same signals. When it is done, Google will definitely love you for it and so will your mobile customers.

Some Other Tips To Improve Google Search Rankings

  • Social media platform plays an important role in affecting the search engine results by giving preference on the basis of the authority of the author and the number of times content is shared on social networking sites. Thus, this feature should be practiced to get higher rankings in the search engine results.
  • Web sites that are already online can proceed upward quickly than uploading a new website as search engines carry out indexes of older websites more often, which ultimately results into fast crawling. It is suggested to link your website with some old popular website.
  • Generally, webmasters can enhance the ranking of their websites by increasing the number of popular websites that are linked to their pages.
  • It is recommended to check the ranking of your website occasionally through such websites that provide web analysis.

The optimized websites and applications appear at better rankings in the search engine and usually get an increased number of visitors downloading your application. Finally, we have also recommended our own perceived methods for search engine optimization (SEO). As a future dimension, Mobile app developers can develop an accurate and effective system for search engine optimization in order to obtain the higher ranking for the applications and websites in the search engine results.

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