A Deep Insight Into Top Mobile Engagement Trends of 2017

mobile engagement trends

Today, the number of people accessing the Internet through mobile devices have clearly surpassed those making use of desktops. There is no exaggeration in saying that approximately 60 percent of Google’s ad revenues used to come from mobile ads. Due to this, eMarketer is anticipating that mobile advertising spend to overtake the complete number of television ad by the year 2020. During the last holiday season, brands witnessed a surge in mobile shopping during the holiday season and if a report is to be believed, November and December 2016 saw record-breaking sales through mobile.

In addition to this, online shopping amounted to $91.7 billion, whereas mobile contributed $28.43 billion in holiday revenue. Hence, it can be said that this surely proves that consumers are very comfortable in making purchases on mobile devices and thus, more and more brands should leverage this behavior for better revenue. Now that we are sitting in 2017, here are some top mobile engagement trends for the year, which should not be overlooked

Brands Will Experiment with Mobile for Better Revenue

During the holiday season of 2016, mobile apps have managed to offer a wonderful way of shopping on-the-go. Well-developed applications served as a pure enhancement to shoppers because of several facilities such as comparison shop and check for stock, which increased sales both in-app purchases as well as in-store.

Both small and large size businesses have a basic mobile presence today which is either through a mobile-optimized website or an app. Numerous apps like Snapchat, Uber and Pokemon Go witnessed a huge rise in growth because of an amazing way to interact with friends and relatives. On the other hand, the year 2017 businesses of all sizes will expand their offerings. Geo-targeted messaging and mobile chatbots etc. will play a vital role in capturing the attention of mobile-consumers.

Incorporation Of Tools For An Engaging & Relevant Experience

A highly valuable and a personalized experience can be given by offering an engaging experience and this is possible because most consumers carry their mobile phone with them when they walk into stores. With some tools like app-enabled marketing automation through push notifications as well as SMS messages allow brands to reach millions of users.

Furthermore, location-based marketing automation techniques such as geo-fencing as well as geo-conquesting drive shoppers to your store. However, it is believed that businesses that incorporate location technologies such as GPS, Wi-Fi and physical as well as virtual beacons will stay ahead of all those retailers that till now rely on a doorbell or any other obsolete technology to make an arrival in the store.

Security and Privacy Will Be Even Bigger

Mobile devices are continuing to become more integral part of lives and capture increasing amounts of a lot more sensitive data. There are many apps that ask for access to your location, contact book and some other highly personal information. Security and privacy were very important in the year 2016, but in the year 2017 these aspects will be a bigger deal.

Mobile device is of utmost importance in the lives of customers. These are some mobile engagement trends of the year 2017, which will allow businesses to attract more and more customers, making it a big year.

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