How Talview Helped Transform Mu Sigma’s On-Campus Recruitment Efforts

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Mu Sigma was looking to hire graduates from over 50 universities across the United States for the role of Junior Associates. They wanted to evaluate close to 5000 candidates for the role. The team did not want to travel to each University in-person to meet with the candidates to avoid spending time, resource and cost on each university. Multiple campuses meant excessive
logistics cost for every open position.

Mu Sigma’s recruitment team was looking for a scalable solution to all their problems. An assessment provider who could provide:
1. Aptitude Tests and Logical Reasoning Tests
2. Long Answers/Essay Tests
3. Video Interviews and
4. Online Video Proctoring to ensure authenticity of the online written assessments.

The team that led the initiative was looking for a vendor who could support them across geographies.


Mu Sigma approached Talview through a reference. When they came to us, they were running out of time as they wanted to
begin the process in two weeks time. They evaluated all the features and also looked at the flexibility offered by Talview in terms of branding and communication for candidates.

Talview was already being used by organizations like Cognizant to hire across universities at very large scales. This gave them the confidence on Talview’s caliber to deliver exceptional quality at scale. Talview’s 24/7 support and dedicated customer success manager for roll out also gave them the confidence to get started.


The team deployed video assessments in the US and Europe for 3860 candidates across 52 universities in three cycles adding up to five months. Video interviews were conducted across universities in various states in the US. The process was split into three cycles – one in Oct’15, one in Feb’16 and in May’16. The implementation was smooth and the transition was made easier through Talview’s 24/7 customer support team. Mu Sigma rolled out offers to 160 candidates out of which 76 candidates were successfully onboarded in five months time.


Ease of use was critical for the team as the entire campus recruitment program was driven by two recruiters! Talview’s Advanced Proctor has helped them authenticate their online assessments. Video interviews helped them screen candidates without rushing the time given to each candidate. The written assessments helped them shortlist candidates based on their responses without having to call them for another round.

The team also used Talview’s structured, customized communication with the candidates to maintain a positive relationship with the candidates and ensure good candidate experience.

Mu Sigma team and the candidates found Talview’s phone, email and chat support very helpful in keeping the process streamlined and friction-free. Out of 3860 candidates, Mu Sigma hired 76 candidates at ​ the end of season.


● Each campus potentially could take close to seven days to screen, assess and select, i.e., it would require one year to finish a target of hiring from 50 campuses; with Talview – Mu Sigma has hired 76 candidates in three cycles of one month each and also reached 52 campuses​.

● Campus hiring directly points to one thing – travel time and actual expenses. With the help of Video Interviews, Mu Sigma has been able to save on travel, stay, and other expenses​.

● One major and primary benefit of opting for video interviews is accessing quality candidates. With video interviews not only Mu Sigma could access quality candidates, they could reach to a large number of candidates across universities (3860 candidates to be exact), which would not be possible with physical hiring practices.

● Campus recruitment is usually a hurried process – each candidate gets about 10 minutes maximum to impress the on-site recruiter. Students are more than just numbers and resumes. They are an organization’s ambassador. With the implementation of Talview, Mu Sigma could implement a holistic evaluation fulfilling multiple aspects of fitment assuring only the best candidates were on board.


The team is planning to expand the campus hiring program to newer geographies​. The team also intends to use Talview’s Broadcast module to reach out and engage with candidates much before inviting them to the assessments on the Talview platform. This is to ensure a connect with the candidates and enhanced candidate interaction for better experience.


Talview is a HR technology solution provider which leverages NLP, Machine Learning, Video Interviews and Psycholinguistics to build 3X better teams 4X faster. Globally, Talview has processed more than a million candidates till date. Talview as an innovative, nimble organization is in pursuit of disrupting the USD 500 billion global recruitment industry and to bring in efficiencies through the use of latest technologies. Talview has identified a strong market need for a cognitive solution, which can improve the efficiency of hiring multi-fold. Talview’s clientele include many of the Fortune 500 and it has served clients across 102 countries.

Disclaimer: This column is powered by Microsoft ISV Program

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