For a Longer Run, You Need to Showcase Both Productivity and Creativity

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As they say, an idea can either be a dust or a magic, depending on the talent that is rubbed against it – Bill Bernbach, co-founder of Doyle Bernbach.

We all tirelessly chase productivity. Be it in terms of gadget we purchase or the people we hire. Exploiting full potential is all that we are bothered about and hardly we are concerned about change or creativity or innovation. Creativity can be seen as something unquantifiable, something unmeasurable which is often taken as disruptive, a distraction to the smooth course of production and thus unwelcoming. But only some are aware creativity stand as one of the biggest entrepreneurial quality outdoing integrity and even global thinking, according to the latest study by IBM. Factors such as no thinking time, not an allowed to go against the laid norms may account to monotony in the business and are, deemed as a sheer wastage of time. Productivity and creativity are often taken at odds, but are they really?

Here are some facts that you may need to consider:-

  1. Creativity breaks the walls and thus leads to productivity

Working in an environment where the employees are free to go on the stream, is sure to stimulate the production levels. The environment where they are free to question the stereotypes and dos and don’ts is sure to widen their vision. Nothing ever great came from following the same methodologies and prevailing norms. Have some serious brainstorming sessions, research and innovate. Because creativity is not something you can flowchart out. It defines how unique you are.

  1. Productivity and creativity, are they really antonyms?

We often take productivity synonymous to words such as more, big, lot. Can we all just slow down a bit and rethink on our outlook towards productivity. Isn’t it doing the work in a most efficient way as possible? Doing too much, too fast isn’t the trick but doing it with strategic planning is. As it is sure to save you a few headaches few hours and few bucks as well. But to present the reality, productivity and creativity, they actually are the sides of the same coin.

  1. Your creativity, Your USP.

A little bash of creativity is what make you sane, and save your butt from all the ordeals as an entrepreneur. Running out of cash? Come up with a workable financial solution. The product isn’t famous, redefine marketing.  After all, this is what creativity is all about. You don’t need drain money when you can change your approach.  All you need is to train yourself enough to pivot every odd.

  1. It never hurts to add some jazz.

As entrepreneurs, we all have heard of the word improvisation. The will, the effort, the steps to constantly improvise yourself. How quick, how responsive and how dynamic are we towards accidents. Accidents may either break us or make us. It’s up to us how we perceive those accidents and term them good accidents. Because it’s the storm that makes a good sailor. Right?

Thus a blend of both productivity and creativity is needed in order to ace entrepreneurial skills. Where divergent thinking or creativity takes us off the beat and generates all new ideas to redefine the existing norms, whereas thinking convergently or we can say, in productivity focus approach, we are transforming these innovations into concrete steps. Thus they both needs to go hand in hand in order to continue till a foreseeable period of time.

Creativity is at the core of entrepreneurial success, but we under pressure to excel and compete, often compromise our creativity standards and eventually fall prey to short -terms, so to achieve success, you need to take creativity along with productivity.

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