The Importance of Landing Page Optimization for Small Businesses

landing page optimization

What is Landing Page Optimization?

Landing page Optimization (LPO) is the process of increasing conversation on a landing page by improving elements of the landing page. LPO is a subset of Conversion rate optimization (CRO- Increases the percentage of conversation). And methods like A/B testing are involved to improve the effectiveness and experience of a Landing Page.

Why is Landing Page Optimization Important?

Key component of online marketing campaigns are Landing Pages. The main goal of designing of Landing page is to generate sales and these pages destinations are mostly paid marketing campaigns like Pay Per Click Management Programs. On these landing pages lots of money and resources are spent on driving traffic.

As Landing pages are concentrated on improving their performance, conversation which can precede a significant improvement in results of small businesses.

Optimizing Landing pages assure that we can meet the highest viable conversation rates from the arrival who visit at that Landing Page. Landing Page optimization can lower our customer accretion costs, acquire various customers, and maximize the worth of our ad spends.

Getting Started

Landing page optimization pinpoint budding problems with its functionality and design and uses A/B tests, or controlled experiments to verify improvements of the page and compute the consequences on the page’s rate of conversation.

Looking for where to start?

Following are some of the best practices for optimizing landing pages:

  • Limited number of actions on landing page: Test for removing extra form field, navigation elements from website and much more unnecessary functionality.
  • Articulate the values clearly that what is being offered to the arrival on the page: Use relevant language for visitor for understanding, and all-to-action text should match closely to the page language.
  • Meet the need and expectation of the receiver on the basis of previous interaction and reviews
  • Establish trust and integrity for the business: Test before adding external logos, a customer quotes, and other social-proof for customers to the landing page.

There are 3 types of Landing Page Optimization based on targeting

1. Associative content targeting: Modification of content page is based on content received from visitor’s search criteria.

2. Predictive content targeting: Adjustment of page content by correlating the known detail about the visitor to anticipate further actions.

3. Consumer directed targeting: The relevance publicly available information is used to create the page content based on reviews and rating.

LPO main aim is to offer content of page and appearance of page on website that makes the webpages more target audience and engaging to visitors.

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    The landing page is the most important page of the website because it is the page where users first have to encounter with. High -quality images, videos, clear CTA buttons are some other essential elements. Along with these elements, I would like to add one more element that is social login.

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