10 Most Common Misconceptions About Blogging and Bloggers

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Many of us enjoy what a slew of blogs have to offer on a daily basis, with many of us assuming that it’s something anyone can try their hand at. While blogging can be both fun and rewarding, it’s important that we look at the misconceptions that circulate the Internet.

1. Blogging Is Easy

One of the most common misconceptions is that blogging is easy. However, blogging requires a great deal of research, writing and marketing. As such, the art of blogging can become quite a cumbersome task. This isn’t to say it’s any less fun. But it’s important not to undermine the hard work that is required to make a blog successful.

2. Blogging Isn’t Worth the Time

Just as there are those who feel that blogging is easy, there will be those who feel that the whole blogging arena is nothing but a waste of time. While in some instances this can be true, those who are committed to making their blog a success should never look at any form of blogging as a waste of time, because it all lands to the learning curve required to become a successful blogger.

3. Each Blog Post Must Be Perfect

When contending with the online masses, it would be easy to assume that all of our blog posts should be perfect. While we should look to make the post engaging and free of errors, there is no reason to be concerned if a particular post receives some critique or doesn’t attract an online audience. However, we should look to ensure that we handle such an occurrence in the right way. Listen to feedback, and thank your viewers for airing their opinions. If you do find errors, simply apologise and offer an updated post. We can only learn from our mistakes if we make them in the first place.

4. Content Will Find its Own Audience

The early days of the Internet allowed for content to be found easily, due to limitations and the lack of online entities. As such, writing content for a blog back in the days-of-old would normally mean that someone would come across your posts while browsing the web. However, due to the number of online platforms in the modern age, one shouldn’t rest on the strength of the content alone.

While we should always strive for great content, it’s also important that we’re promoting it in the right way. If no-one knows your content exists, then no-one will be able to enjoy it.

5. Bloggers Are Paid to Promote Products

When we see someone praising a product or service, the more sceptical side of us can assume that the person writing the blog is being paid to praise the product. However, due to media law, a blogger must make the audience aware of when they are being paid to promote a product. If no disclosure is being made, then it’s likely the person praising a product or service are doing so because they recognise the value.

6. Bloggers Are Merely Trying to Acquire Celebrity Status

While this can be true for a certain percentage of bloggers, you will find that many bloggers post content because they have something to say, and not because they’re looking for affirmation. In fact, it’s not unusual to find that blogs that are big today started out as nothing more than an outlet for their views, which has gained momentum over several years.

7. Bloggers Can Expect Overnight Results

With so many popular blogs available online, it makes sense that many would like a slice of the pie. While blogging is something that many can undertake, it’s important that we don’t expect the unexpected. While there are certain posts that can go viral, for the most part, blogging is an ongoing process. As such, if you’re looking to blog for pure profit, then you could be in for a longer wait than you first expected.

8. Guest Bloggers Are Asked to Submit a Post

Guest posts benefit both parties within the blogging arena. A website gets some fresh content from a new perspective, while the one submitting the post can gain some online recognition from a fresh audience. While some bloggers will be approached to write a guest post, the responsibility normally lies with the blogger themselves. As such, a blogger should be building relationships with other bloggers and be approaching them in the right way.

9. More Traffic Means More Money

If you’re keen to become part of the blogging hemisphere, then it’s likely you will have read how important traffic is. While traffic is the lifeblood of any online platform, it’s important that we don’t take this out of context. For example, those who are less experienced may assume that buying traffic will do wonders for their site when in fact, it will just give them a high bounce rate. As such, we should focus on the foundations, then market content so it appeals to a real-life audience.

10. Anyone Can Blog About Anything

There are over 152 million blogs online, which shows you just how popular the world of blogging is. However, the popularity associated with a blog can be the value the content offers. As such, we shouldn’t look to blog about anything that we’re not familiar with. The great thing about blogs is that you can start a blog about anything, from mobile phones to horror movies, so there’s little reason as to why you shouldn’t be able to decide on a subject for your blog.

To Conclude

Blogging can be a great way of building a brand identity or creating a platform for your voice to be heard. However, if we approach blogging in the wrong way, and misunderstand what can be achieved in what timescale, then it can become a more frustrating process than it has to be.

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