4 Benefits Of Using a Financial Planning App

The app revolution is here. I hardly see anyone going to a mall to buy a laptop or the latest phone. We as customers have evolved, who refuse to wait in long queues and want things right here right now. We are juggling too many tasks at hand to meet our daily deadlines for our simple living. The launch of the app era has brought a welcome advancement in our busy world. This change slowly has helped us to be on our toes and ahead of our peers in some way or the other.

Here are 4 ways on how a financial planning app can be helpful and useful.

1) Saves Time:
Apps save hunting time of a product which we wish to buy, and we do not have to run at multiple places. With the use of an app we can buy a laptop, clothes, branded shoes, groceries only by a single touch of a finger. Similarly, now there are apps for financial planning too, which allow you to decide how much you wish to spend and invest for your life goals. A good financial planning app will give answers to recurring money queries instantly. One such query that I keep struggling with is what size of property can I buy. I finally found an app that gave me a ready answer to that and many such big spending decisions.

2) 24*7 Connectivity:
In today’s time, connectivity is easy and around the clock through our smartphones. Apps take up their place on our screen in the form tiny icons, so that we can connect to it as and when required at any point of time. Try going to any bank for a transaction on a Saturday, it’s difficult but, with the help of any wallet app or banking app, you can do it. I used to wonder how will I get the estimate for money required for my son’s educational expenses in the future. This cool and intriguing app I heard about, shows me not just the amount I should save for son’s future. But also, for his marriage, our family lifestyle, property buying, charity etc. This app I could use even at late night and I didn’t require any agent for showing me what I was seeking for. A good financial planning app will help us anywhere, anytime in providing answers about our money queries.

3) Complex Calculations:
There are many variables in managing our money. Some of the important ones being our income and its growth, expenses and their inflation, property buy and selling, investments, FD, SIPs etc. the list goes on and on. It is safer and better to have an app doing these complex calculations. At the same time, an app allows us to make changes in any variable and see its effect on our finances. The algorithms that run these apps are tested and eliminate human errors. We humans tend to make errors when the work is repetitive and monotonous in nature. A good financial planning app avoid many such mistakes. Suppose if I get an app for planning finances as it is a tough job for a single person, if it could be done with the help of an app it will give me a better projection. I came across one such app which gives me proper estimates of my life’s financial cashflows. This app also has an auto-balance feature that helps me create my lifetime financial plan in just few minutes.

4) Quick service:
Using apps is simple and easy because good apps have intuitive and friendly interface. They have navigating screens which slide. With a single touch of a finger, we get redirected to next screen within a fraction of a second. This quick response is what we really want, and not wait for someone to help us in making our decisions. We keep procrastinating Financial life planning but with a new app in town we should stop delaying and be quick in financial life planning.

We are really getting better with our lifestyles and app technology is just another part of this improvement. Snapdeal, Flipkart and amazon are the most widely used shopping apps; Jabong and Myntra are fashion and clothing apps; Netmeds an app for medicines, Big basket and Grofers for grocery shopping; Ola and Uber to commute in comfort daily; Google maps to guide us around, even banks have their own apps to do transactions faster, it’s time we should start doing our financial planning through app as well. Try finpin, a powerful Financial Planning app that is designed to make our busy lives free of money worries by giving much needed financial clarity.

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