3 Reasons Why You Should Advertise on Social Media

Social Media

One of the keys to having a successful business is promoting your company. Advertising is everywhere nowadays. Billboards, TV, newspapers and magazines are all great ways to show off your business, but why is social media the best way? Here’s a few reasons why…

Social Media is cheaper than any form of advertising.

Way cheaper, in fact. As a business, you want to spend the least money you can reaching as many people as possible. Social Media is the way to do that. Simply using platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook can help you reach a massive audience (more about that later). Now, CPM is the “cost per thousand impressions”. It shows how many Dollars it costs to reach 1000 people. And yes, we know we use pounds in the UK, but that’s not the point here. Take a look at this graph produced by cross channel media costs comparison:

Over 1000 people, for £2 ($2.50). Also, factor in the other costs involved with the other methods, including paying more money for an advert at peak time on TV and increased prices for billboards in busier areas, then advertising on social media really is a no brainer.

Using social media to advertise means you can be adaptable.

Ever see a rubbish advert on TV and think, why did they do that? Ever see a billboard advert and, well, forget it straight away? Do just turn the page without a second glance when you come across a magazine advert? The answer to all three of these questions is probably, yes. Social media however, is different. You tweet out a rubbish advert. Ok, delete and post a better one. Your Instagram post is forgettable. Ok, post another picture. No one glanced at your Facebook picture. Ok, make it a video. All for free. Social media means your adverts are what you make them.

You can track your results and get feedback.

See the exact number of people who have seen your post. See the exact number of people who viewed your profile via your advert. Interact with potential clients within seconds of them asking questions, the list can go on. The point is, social media allows you to create YOUR brand the way YOU see it. Quite literally seeing the amount of followers your business has gained in response to your advert is a fantastic way of understand what your audience responds to, allowing you to develop your next advertising strategy.

Of course, there are many benefits to advertising your business on other platforms. However, using your social media presence effectively is the most cost efficient way of getting your brand on the map – especially for a small business!

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