7 Ways Start-Ups Can Use Live Streaming

The Author is a Head Wizard at Solvid, UK

Live Streaming

One of the greatest challenges faced by startups is promoting the business and connecting with new customers. Fortunately, there are a variety of tools & resources at your disposal to overcome these challenges, including social media, press releases, and advertising campaigns.

One of the most innovative approaches to publicise a new startup is by live streaming. It involves transmitting live video and audio coverage over the Internet. Viewers can communicate with your company while watching the live stream, which facilitates some fantastic user interaction.

It is a very engaging way to publicise a business and is increasingly being used by startups. To help you understand the value of this technology, here are 7 reasons why your startup should start using live streaming.

#1 — Your startup can stream important events

Sharing important events with your audience via a live stream is much more engaging than simply posting about the event in a blog piece or uploading a video afterwards. If you live stream, viewers will feel like an active participant at the event instead of a passive viewer or reader. Many types of events work well as a live stream include product launches, anniversary parties, information sessions, and press conferences.

Live streaming of events is particularly effective when you record the event like a participant would experience it — walking around, talking to guests and employees at the event. It is an engaging experience for your audience, and they will feel like they have actually attended the event. Your startup can also make your events even more enjoyable for the audience by reading audience’s questions and answering them in real time.

#2 — Give your audience a behind-the-scenes tour

Many of your customers may be interested in learning more about your businesses manufacturing processes or how you provide services. You can satisfy their curiosity with a live stream that gives them a “behind the scenes” tour of your office or workplace.

Using a live stream in this way can give your audience a real appreciation for the work that goes into making your products or providing your services. You will make your customers more familiar with your business and staff, which can improve your brand’s loyalty.

#3 — Product showcases

Startups can also live stream product showcases, explaining how individual products work and showing them in action. Your audience can ask questions about the product and receive their answers in real-time. This is a very engaging and interactive way to explain the features of your latest products — your audience will love it!

#4 — Provide support in real time

Your startup can provide support sessions where you address any common technical issues that your customers have. These sessions are incredibly useful for providing interactive support and are greatly appreciated by many customers. Furthermore, this level of transparency can positively impact your reputation and credibility.

#5 — Offer training sessions via live streaming

If your company has a sophisticated product or service, you can use live streaming to provide some training to your customers. After you have provided basic training, you can hold an interactive Q&A to clarify any issues that your audience has. Your company can also hold internal training sessions for staff members via live streaming.

#6 — Live stream interview with experts

You can also live stream interviews with experts in a field relating to your startup. If you obtain a knowledgeable interviewee who is known in your field, you can draw in thousands of viewers, which will certainly help to promote your startup. You can even take a few questions from viewers to really increase the level of interactivity and engagement for our audience.

#7 — Live stream your office!

If you really want to give your customers an insight into how your business operates, you could even run a permanent live stream camera in the office. The staff could engage with users whenever they have time, telling them what they are working on during the day and answering a few questions.

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