Startup Story of Chhattisgarh Based Search Engine Zoolley

zoolleyI am an alumnus of SRM University, Chennai. The idea came up while studying in second year while pursuing college. I started my first venture RXDirect (Retail X Direct), before that I was working from the first month of my college in an MNC BPO, to earn money for my college fees. When it was hard to manage the time and energy to manage college and full time work in a call center, I decided to start his own firm. I left the call center after one year of work. Although, my first venture did not do well, it gave me a clear idea about the mission in life.

The idea and beginnings

Zoolley was created in 2012 when I was working on my other venture  In 2010, I decided to try my hand in entrepreneurship again, this time, I set up Mahto BPO, which worked as a backend and strategic support to e-commerce organizations like Amazon and 100bestbuy. This venture worked well, and I soon decided to build a B2B and B2C platform – (My Business Card Directory) in 2011.

myBCD began to grow, and I soon teamed up with Maheshwaran. We soon made a firm known as ME Technologies that promoted myBCD in the South Indian markets. After six months of our tie up, we found our first angel investor L Ramesh Kumar. This was a turning point and I gained international exposure with technical aspects. I worked with very experienced engineers living in US and UK with the guidance of our investor.

It took months to complete the project. We handpicked 11,000+ business cards from Chennai and processed and uploaded it to It was while working on this process that I developed the search engine Zoolley.

After finishing testing the site, we saw that the traction and results turned out to be good. We felt the need to have an Ad Network to have better connectivity with the audiences around the world. So we built our own Ad server with the help of a US-based company. The product is called ‘Zool Ads Magic’.

Shifting to Jashpurnagar, Chhattisgarh

The company is now in Jashpurnagar, Chhattisgarh. After shifting, Zoolley Technologies India (ZTI) has created many products and with every failure we have learnt a lot. We learnt that we need to focus on a better business model so as to benefit all, including all persons on the network and so as all of them grow together.

In a span of one year from last product launch, the ZTI has developed Zool Viral Network, which is a unique platform where any Facebook user can login and earn money at his comfort zone. It also serves as viral content bank for most of the publishers and social media influencers. This is “Just Share It!” funda. Social Influencers get paid for just sharing the articles on social media.

ZVN has already got sign ups from more than 2,000 social influencers within just 30 days of its launch and ZVN shares upto 50% share of the revenue with the publishers.

ZTI has reached many nations Including US, UK, Gulf, Vietnam, Malaysia, Germany etc. But there is a frequent change in Facebook algorithm and fluctuation in traffic generation and so ZTI has upgraded Zool Viral Network to Zool Native Ads in 2017 to meet the challenging global demands. The launch has been made on 14th February, 2017. This is high technology tool to monetize on WordPress blogs. ZTI, learnt that there is beginning of blogging era in India and to support new bloggers ZTI has also launched a free hosting services (Limited to 500 MB). 100s of bloggers are now using hosting provided by ZTI.

ZTI is also in the documentation process to start its international office in Dubai in 2017 to target clients from Gulf.

Workforce and environment

We have focused on handful yet experienced and multi-talented staff to meet our technical requirements on a daily basis. Company has also provided accommodation to the staff with no barrier on work timings and place of work, where a complete reporting of work is done online via various software tools.

Future of Zoolley Search Engine

Zoolley intends to create such a work-place where the work can be de-centralized well and everyone gets the benefit. ZTI believes in its team and is focusing on to develop important pillars to support its search engine when it’s fully launched, like a fully functional ad network, big cloud technology, analytical tools etc. It is intended to launch in the year 2018.

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