Practice These 5 Rituals Of Icons to Win Daily


If you want to achieve your life’s “holy mission” and make a “dent in universe”, you’ve got to remain squarely focussed on executing your strategy- daily, hourly and without a break.

Build these 5 time tested rituals of the icons in your daily schedule and see your productive soar sky-

1. First, start before you start. Have a very strong intention for your day a night before. Then begin your day with a reinforcement of the same. This will keep you pointed to your broader goals and aspirations.

2. Second, before you spiral into that day, practice gratitude. It puts you in to the place of abundance mindset. You could consider thanking one good thing that happened to you a day before. It could be as small as a co-worker asking you for a cup of coffee while you were under stress. Thank him; you will see life respond to you in unexpected ways.

3. Third is to get into the flow. Play a sport. Go for a run. This will activate you on mind body continuum and fill you up with endorphins-happiness hormones; you will have greater strength to battle your day through.

4. Fourth, practice mindfulness. Universe wouldn’t have been possible without mind entering into it. So the quality of mind which you bring into your day will determine a lot. Go with a calm and resilient mind. You will be more perceptive of your environment and would be able to see potential opportunities which others will miss.

5. Fifth and the most important is food. Hindu scriptures have emphasised enough on the essence of saatvic bhojan. There is a whole lot of literature on this one, but the idea is to measure calories, balance it with proteins, carbs, etc. Eat small portion frequently, eat as light as possible and hydrate all day. This will keep you up and running!

Environment responds to preparedness, so go prepared with above tactics in to that day. This will allow you to tap into your full available potential and win in the game of life.

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    Crisp, logical and very much doable!! Thank you for the wonderful insight…!! Would to read more in coming days!!

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