How Augmented Reality Can Change the Way We Do Business

Augmented Reality

Any modern business which wants to interact with its clientele or possible clients should have such environment which can improve its presentability and user experience. augmented reality gives business a great opportunity to not only convey their product and service information but in quite entertaining and direct way possible.

Augmented reality was the term which was first used in 1990 by Tom Caudell, who was a researcher at Boeing, an aircraft manufacturer company. He used this term for a head-mounted digital display unit which was worn by aircraft technicians to guide them in electrical wiring of the aircraft.

In general term, Augmented reality could be described as “a set of superimposed images, videos, graphics, and other sensory enhancements to a real-time environment in the real time.”

People think that augment reality is quite a new phenomenon which is sweeping across the globe but it is being used for quite some time.

For example, in a football match, all the offside boundaries which are shown on the television are superimposed on the screen not present in reality.

Some people often get confused with augmented reality and name it virtual reality, but both the technology serve different purposes.

Virtual reality is meant for replacing reality with a simulated one whereas augmented reality involves with reality and use it as the platform.

The great thing about augmented reality is that it does not require any different hardware device but is best suitable for hand-held devices and is completely personal. A man/woman can feel the directness of the information which has a better visual content than any other informative system.

How Augmented Reality Works

There are various components needed for an augmented reality tasks like a processor, a display unit, an input device and sensors. A hand-held mobile device fulfils this criterion and thus make it the perfect platform for AR hence there are many augmented reality apps available in various app stores.

Display unit

There could be various display units which are needed to showcase an augmented reality tasks like-

Head-mounted display (HMD)

In headmounted display, a wearing device is mounted on our head and it contains a display unit just in front of our eyes. It looks like a helmet and the projected image or video could be adjusted as our head movements. Many service providers like uSens and Gestigon ever provide gesture control for a complete virtual immersion.

Head-up Display (HUD)

A headup display does not cover your complete head but there is a display panel in front of your eyes. In the panel all the images, videos and other information are displayed while the user can see the real world. A headup display is basically little different from a headmounted display which is meant to display all the information, data and images and some portion of the real world too.


These type of Augmented reality units resemble an ordinary eyeglass which has a camera to capture the real world input and then display on the lens of the glasses. These are quite light weighted and could be used in public places too.

Applications of augmented reality in real world

Augmented reality has the potential to serve many businesses in different ways like it could be used to promote any product or to describe any particular services. Every enterprise mobile app development company which is into making business apps now plans to have an augmented reality app to satisfy its client’s business needs. Since 2012, entertainment industry and mobile gaming industry has started using augmented reality apps to enhance their user experience.


In an educational environment, augmented reality could be used to impose learning content of various topics like star constellations, human body anatomy, world maps and other text materials etc. on an output device. So kids can easily understand the topics.

Marketing business

Augmented reality is being used in the marketing industry in quite an aggressive manner. Many businesses use AR device which can scan a particular product and scanned image will work as a “trigger” and a video or graphic animation will take place to introduce the user about the product.

For example : L’Oreal is a famous hair product brand which has started using an AR experience using a mobile device in which user can see that how different product could be used and their effects on them.


An architect could use an AR app to showcase how a building will look after it is completed with using different maps. Some superimposed images could be used embedded with the real world neighborhood that how proposed building will look.

Recently some augmented reality apps have been developed to help the city planners which could show them the seismic situation of any particular area and how it would the building collapse in a natural catastrophe like an earthquake.

Video games

Perhaps everyone of us has learned the name of Pokemon Go game in past year when it made the headlines of becoming the most popular gaming app of 2016. In it, the user has to catch a Pokemon which was near your real location. It accesses your location through GPS system and informs you that a Pokemon is hiding. It is a great example of augmented reality where animations of Pokemon are imposed into your real life locations.

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