8 Tips on How to Prevent Your Employees from a Burnout

Although the concept of a healthy work-life balance has become increasingly important in recent years, burnout still remains a leading cause of absence at work. The causes are more than simply workload pressure and tight deadlines, but also a lack of managerial support and motivation.

Most studies in this field largely focus on definitions and symptoms of burnout, little attention has been given to actually preventing this issue. In fact, it is easier in theory than it may sound. As the quality of work-life is gaining more attention, some businesses have started to incorporate strategies to motivate their staff in their curriculum.

These strategies are based on theory and may work, but practically, it doesn’t even have to be that complicated. Instead of following the daily plan and spending one hour on forced ‘happy activities’, what about just starting with the simple kind gestures?

One of the most popular definitions of motivation comes from U.S. psychology professor Abraham Maslow. He proclaims that each individual has a ‘hierarchy of needs’, starting with the basic factors such as; safety, love, esteem and self-actualization.[1] According to Maslow, these factors have a great impact on our behavior and may influence our daily decisions.

Additionally, if you look at it in a more simple way – Nobody is keen to work in unwelcoming environments.

Another question is: what makes people really achieve their goals? Motivation? – Right, but that’s just a name to the issue, it doesn’t explain the process. If you, as a leader want to be an effective leader, you need to find out what will make them want to follow you.

If your employees want to head to a particular direction as well as achieve a specific goal, and you look likely to lead them towards it, they will follow you. In order to figure out, what is in your employee’s mind, you need to minimize the gap between management and staff.

Create a culture of creativity and communication and give them enough space to fully apply and develop their skills. Your employees are your main competitive advantage.

How? In the following Infographic you will find 8 easy readable tips that will already make a big difference.

employee burnout infographic

[1] Literature: David Pardey – Introducing Leadership

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