10 Interesting Innovations Technology is Making Possible

In past decade or two, technology has found its roots in almost every activity pursued by humans. The world has witnessed some mind blowing technological advancements, which looking back 20 years down the line would have been hard to imaging by us.

It all started with the smartphone revolution, when we discovered and developed some endless possibilities that could be accomplished with this pocket-sized device. After that we saw tech companies spearing their wings and creating smart devices in almost every field like sports, education, medicine, etc.

Today, we will discuss about what could be the future prospective technological developments that could touch millions of human lives and make it more comfortable.

1. Self Driving Cars and Trucks

autonomous truck innovations

In a past year or two, the concept of self-learning robots has achieved profound importance with machine learning and artificial intelligence being considered as the next big heart of technology. The concept of self driving cars has been even pitched long back by tech giants like Google and tech giants have made considerable advancements in this field.

At the recent CES 2017 expo in Las Vegas, we saw many companies like Future Faraday, Honda, Ford and other, pitching concepts of autonomous cars with multiple sensors attached and coming with several features like park-assist, self-parking and autonomous payments. The concept of autonomous cars has also been extrapolated to large-sized vehicles and we even saw Uber Startup – Otto – making its first delivery using self-driving trucks.

2) Space Missions Using Virtual Reality

vr innovations

A visitor to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex takes a virtual tour of Mars

With their ongoing mission to find the possibility of life on Mars, scientists at NASA have been making use of the cutting-edge virtual-reality the technology that has been gaining a lot of attention in the tech community in last years. The space giant even tested controlling a robotic arm using the Oculus Rift VR headsets working in collaboration with other motion-sensing equipments.

NASA claims that such a set-up could prove to be successful to control several instruments and rover in space. Last year at the CES 2016 expo, NASA made an attempt to let the public experience what it feels like of being onboard at various spacecrafts, using virtual reality

3) Human Head Transplant Technology

Many scientists and researchers in the field of medicine have safely predicted that Human Head Transplant using Technology can soon be a reality by this year. Medical scientists predict that once the human brain is dead other organs of the head can be used and transplanted as they are.
Italian neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero aims to perform one such human transplant this year and proposes to attain 90% accuracy in it. The entire might involve around 150 medicinal professionals and might take around 36hours as well.

4) Cyborg Technology using Artificial Intelligence

cyborg technology innovations

The term Cyborg might be completely new to most of us. But to explain in layman terms, Cyborg Technology involves a way to implement human features by using artificial means. Scientists are work on a huge scale to make this technology a success and give a life full of health and normalcy to many of the sick and disabled people across the globe.

For this, scientists are working on a technique called Tissue engineering. This engineering practice figures out the ways to create human tissues from scratch and thus to replace skin and other failed organs. Instead of using other plastic material and having a artificial look, scientists are more inclined towards having real body replacement organs.

5) Ultra high-Speed Trains

hyperloop innovations

Well, transportation has always been the backbone of human progress and development. While engineers across the globe are working towards creating more affordable and faster transportations between two destination, here we have a proposed mode of communication called “Hyperloop” that aims at carrying humans at speeds faster than that of sound.

The idea for this was first proposed by Business Tycoon and visionary ‘Elon Musk’ who is being know for taking some unconventional and mind-blowing projects at hand. Hyperloop basically are trains travelling within vacuum sealed tubes, making it possible to attain higher speeds by avoiding air resistance.

The below video will help you to understand the complete concept in much better way.

6) Agriculture Optimisation using IoT

Internet-of-Things is a breakthrough technological concept in the world of connected devices and is taking us back to the core of human human i.e. agriculture and farming. IoT implementation in agriculture is supposed to take farming to the next level. Will real-time data statics like soil moisture and crop growth, farmers will be able to make optimised use of their land and ensure its fertility for a longer period of time.

This technological implementation will make sure that there is always a fresh produce in the farm and will make crop monitoring and management a much easy task.

7) Mind Reading and Control

The time is not far when we will having autobot that could read you mind and control. This technology is being currently under works keeping in minds the patients who have got paralysed or under coma after strokes. This technology aims at higher applications wherein patients will be able to send emails, surf the Internet, read the space just like Stephen Hawking and even play games just with their mind.

Researchers and Scientists at the University of California have arrived with a computer program solution that is capable of reading brain wave signals and further restore the images the patient has seen.

8) Flexible and Paper Thin Computers

Tech companies are working hard enough to come up with innovative new solution and making your device more slim with time. The aims of the company is to create device with paper-thin thickness. This means all the built sensors, chipsets, batteries and other modules would likely be of the same thickness.

Researchers at the Canadian and American universities have been effectively working in this direction on a project called ‘Paperphone’. Take a look at one such concept from Samsung called as Foldiplay smartphone.

9) Treating Paraplegia using Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality tech is proving to be useful in the field of medicine as many medical practitioners are finding this to be an effective tool to help patients overcome their problems. One such application is in the treatment of Paraplegia wherein virtual reality is being used in order to regain partial sensation and control of muscles in the lower limbs.

The experimental results have proved to be very fruitful. The patients were first being placed in the virtual environment wherein their own avatar was being controlled through their brain activity and made to walk in the surrounding environment. For patients to know that their feet has touched the ground, haptic-feedback sensors have been used around the patient’s arm.

10) Clean Energy using Coffee Powder

Coffee is undoubtedly one of the largest agricultural crop produce in the world. Researchers have now been working to use a lot of coffee leftover known as coffee grounds and convert it in the form of clean energy.

Major companies like Nestle and Starbucks are working in this direction to use the oil from coffee grounds and contribute towards the bio-diesel global fuel supply. Additionally, methods have been derived to use the coffee powder along with other bakery waste and reproduce bioplastics, laundry detergents and other products.

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