How We Are Fostering Women Entrepreneurship – Journey of CashSuvidha

CashSuvidha (A trade name of Usha Financials Ltd) is one of the very few platforms which are helping the needy women to raise easy money and actively contribute in the growth of the Nation. The founders and driving force of “CashSuvidha “are two experienced individuals, myself Rajesh Gupta, and Anoop Garg , having more than 20 years of man experience in various business fields. Here is how we are promoting women entrepreneurship in India.

What impact is CashSuvidha making?

CashSuvidha helps women entrepreneur to raise un-secured business loans of up to Rs 3 Lakhs and then secured loans upto 10 lakhs. In both the Rural & Urban areas, they are providing loans of upto Rs 50,000for small businesses or any type of income generation activities. Now you will definitely question after coming this far in the article as to how we are different from any Moneylender or a banking institution when it comes to the disbursal of the loan.

How we are doing it?

They have centers in remote areas with localities as employees, so they understand the needs better and may customize the loan product as per the need of the borrower. Additionally they are very prompt in accessing the loan requirement and the process disbursal is quick and responsive. The digital platform CashSuvidha serves as a clear cut demarcating factor in a step ahead to get easy loans at competitive rates coming your way.

Success stories created

As the popular proverb goes by, “It is our actions that speak louder than words do.” There is one very famous incident that reflects the spark and the vibes of success in the work that the team is upto.

A Resident of Delhi got an Un-secured Business Loan for the expansion and renovation of her tuition center business. Previously she was either rejected by the several banks and anther from Rajasthan was looking for a business loan for her small daily farm, but could not manage to raise loan due to no banking history and income proof, but by visiting her business location, we realized a zeal of doing business and recognizing her potential we decided to support her.

We are making a mark in Microfinancing sector and have gone a long way in helping women become the next big entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Some mind blowing plans ahead

And there is no holding us back. As one says, that journey should always go on incessantly.

CashSuvidha has come up with an opportunity to provide small and micro-empowerment loans with best-in-the-market interest rates. Here, we invite and inspire the unbanked as well as under banked women. These loans are specially designed for the deprived, discriminated and economically neglected women.

Surprisingly, these loans are provided without sponsors, established banking histories or lengthy documentations. They have been engaging in providing loans for beauty parlors, boutiques and other ventures for empowerment of women.

With flexible approval policies and quick approvals, Team CashSuvidha is all set for achieving all its goals and build a strong ecosystem ahead.

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