Ways to Measure Customer Experience for Your Mobile App

app customer experience

Customer experience is one of the critical factors. There are many techniques adopted by the app developers for measuring customer experience of the mobile app.

The unhappy customers in most of the cases, never come back to you the moment they are dissatisfied. Customer satisfaction  is not as straightforward as measuring it is to measure revenue streams and visitors for your website, This makes it hard to set up goals.

It is a normal practice with the app developers to go through alpha/beta testing or some other form of testing, before the final app is released to the market. It is a good practice to release the mobile app before a limited number of audiences and not releasing it to the full public, just after the alpha/beta testing of the app. This is more so because it is pointless to release the app in the App Store, where there are many apps displayed in the Apple App Store and until and unless the apps have some standout features, there is a high probability of the apps not being noticed at all and not even downloaded in such a scenario.

The most important factor is to have a good customer experience. The features of the app must be such that it offers an absolutely irresistible experience for the users. The app strategy must be tweaked without the user feedback. You must gain insights on the usage patterns and keep a track of the app analytics. There are many tools for providing better insights on the app performance, not only the analytics that are obtained from Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

Here are some of the techniques of the app developers for measuring the customer experience of the mobile app:

In-app Feedback

There must not be any public views of review and ratings in the app listings of the App Store. It must be only between the developer and the user. The feedbacks must be one to one or an anonymous level.

Ratings and Reviews on Your Apps

Once the app is displayed in the App Store, there is no other metric that is better than the user reviews and the ratings that they share. The developer understands that there is scope for improvement by looking at the ratings. If the ratings is less than 5, then it is an unfavourable review. This way the developer comes to understand where is the app crashing, add new features and analyse the kind of issues that are faced.

Analytics Tools

Other than the integrated analytics from the App Store, there are many third party analytics tools for obtaining better insights on the app usage. There are a wide variety of metrics that are available like simultaneously used apps, types of data connections, locations and user demographics as well as in-app time spent. Whenever there is an issue with the App Store console, then these are the tools that help to work as a backup.

Tracking the Session

Smaller are the sessions, higher are the chances that the users are facing some sort of issues or they are simply not feeling interested about their app. It is one of the better methods for measuring user experience.

Dropping Accounts for First Time Users

There is always a chance of the first time users in downloading the mobile app and then discarding it after trying the same. There is a decrease in the number of App Store views up to the sending/sharing the app with the friends for the new user. The customer experience that integrates the steps making the new users continue to use the apps.

User Demographics

Appealing to the customers with demographics is one strategy that is often adopted. The mobile app can be better customized, if the app developer knows the user details like city, gender and country. Customer engagement increases with localization of the apps into the local languages. Features that are specific to the demographics can be added.

Understanding Customer Sentiment

It is important to know about how the customer is feeling about the app. There are useful means of doing the same with Google Alerts, Twitter mentions and app mentioned in several forums.

The above factors help in customer retention and witness a continuous growth.

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