Don’t Let Tone of the Content Tone Down Your Marketing Efforts

Have you ever had a conversation with someone that must always dominate the discussion with their views? These types of people never try to listen to your input during any point of the conversation. They think that their points are the only ones that are valid.

You start to think, “where can I find a time machine to get back these 2 minutes of my life.” Ladies have you ever been on a date with a guy that couldn’t stop talking about himself? He starts going on and on about how he has five degrees, and how he was the captain of the badminton team in college. He isn’t worried about truly connecting with you; he would rather try to impress you with all his accomplishments.

I tend to find people with these types of depositions toxic, and evade them with extreme prejudice. This is not the type of approach you want to take when constructing a campaign for your social media marketing services.

Unfortunately, vast amounts content marketing pieces are created with these types of underlying tones. Therefore, a lot of marketers are not able to engage their target audience as seamlessly as they would like to.

It’s hard to connect with someone that uses their knowledge to assert themselves as being superior. The objective of a marketer should be a willingness to share your expertise generously with your audience. Keep your audience engaged, and have your followers continuously seeking your content. 57% of marketers think that style and tone are either important or very important when it comes to content effectiveness. You want the voice of your content to make you seem as approachable as possible.

People tend to engage with people that have a grand stature but constantly make themselves accessible to their fans and followers. One individual that is an example of fashioning a reachable position among their following is Tai Lopez.

Tai Lopez is somewhat of an internet sensation. He stays engaged with his fans through multiple social media platforms and gives away a massive number of valuable tips and info to his following. Tai Lopez is a smart guy, and runs multiple businesses, but he doesn’t position himself as a know it all business owner, who dictates the interaction between him and his following. He even goes so far as to respond to comments that his followers leave him on Snapchat.

Be open to improving your communication. Be aware of the way your expressions resonate with your audience. When you accept the fact that your marketing efforts should be geared towards your follower’s preferences, and not your own, you will garner a lot more reader interaction. Plan the message that you want to convey to your fans carefully. Craft a clear and concise means of disclosing your ideas to them through the correct tone. Try to think about, and affect the feeling that your content impresses upon your hearers. Ensure that your writing is easy to follow, and easy to understand. Albert Einstein once said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”
Here are some things to think about when drafting a content marketing campaign:

1) Be Modest

You don’t have to come off as knowing everything. Groups seem to respond to an impression of vulnerability very well. Adding an element of humility to your voice will help you to connect with your readers on a personal level, which will always influence the sentiment your brand will have among your following.

2) Share other people’s content

The basis of your intent does not always have to be just about you. Engage with other people’s blog posts and articles. Share other marketer’s content with your social media marketing services audience, it’s always good to show support the way you would like to be supported. Taking this kind of approach will also build up a tremendous amount of goodwill among your peers, which will influence them to reciprocate the same support you extend. Content curation is also an excellent way to keep a steady supply of good information flowing to your audience regularly.

Tone can also be looked at from a different perspective, not just what you write, but also the way you are viewed in the space you enter. If the content you curate matches up with your marketing strategy share it with your readers, this will offer a fresh perspective from another angle.

“No one likes to feel like they are getting played.”

3) Don’t compromise your credibility

The content you create should be constructed to gratify your followers; not to bolster your status. When marketing your social media marketing services, do not try to trick your readers into believing your something our not. In “12 Content-Writing Secrets of Professional Writers,” an article written by Neil Patel and Kathryn Aragon – they mention this issue. Neil and Kathryn go on to say, “Hype tends to make people feel like they’re being manipulated — and no one likes that.”

No one likes to feel like they are getting played. Hype is unnecessary, the more you oblige your followers with helpful information; the more goodwill and credibility you will build with your readers.

“57% of marketers think that style and tone are either important or very important when it comes to content effectiveness.”

4) Get input from other people

Elicit someone you trust, to give you a honest, objective, review of your social media marketing services content. Opinions from other people, are highly useful tools to use as a compass in tuning your writing voice. Reading your content to yourself will not give you an accurate projection of how your writing style influences other people.

Ask questions, and take notes when other people give you feedback on your work. In addition to this, the use of surveys is a great way to measure the sentiment you have amidst your social media marketing readers. Surveys are also another way to encourage interactions from your readers. In addition to this, another way to get insights from your readers, is to enable a comment section on your posts.

See what people think about what you post, you can respond, and pose questions to find out what would make your content better.


Captivating your followers does not call for you to fabricate your position in your industry; neither does trying to market yourself as being a superincumbent. If you take up these types of positions in your social media marketing services you will damage your brand, and your reputation in the long run.

Think about how to provide your supporters with substance, and information they can use immediately. This will leave them with no other option, but to reward your efforts, by classifying you as an industry expert.

The Genius Is in Your Tone Not Your Genius

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