Robolab – A Platform to Explore, Learn and Build Robots

Robolab students

We are building Robolab as “A perfect platform to explore, learn and build robots”, with an aim to drive a change in education sector through robotics and automation.

Product Idea

Robolab is your very own, on campus, centre of Excellence in Robotics and Industrial Automation, tailor made for you. Equipped with all the advanced technologies used in industries, it offers training courses consistent with the latest curricula and the industry requirements. Thus, functioning as the perfect platform for its users (students as well as teachers) to explore, learn, build and share their ideas. We believe in providing innovative and interactive training by industry experts and deliver the same while establishing the Robolab. This empowers the trainees to manage the Robolab in future. Our planned ROI model ensures the educational as well as financial returns.  

Product Features

  1. -Advanced state of the art technical research facility within campus
  2. -Hands on practical experience along with required theory
  • -Consolidation of concepts
  1. -Industry- institute Interaction
  2. -Standard guidelines and essentials
  3. -Superior quality and Advanced robot study platforms
  • -Training by Industry Experts

And last but not the least

  • -Affordable excellence with Quick Return on Investment

How did this idea strike us

Robolab Technologies came into existence out of our rigorous efforts as an attempt to transform the Educational facilities in the country and to provide a innovation platform to the students to show their skills and implement their ideas and to create employment for the youth. Instead of taking up jobs, we chose to start up a company. Having worked in the Robotics field for four years of our Engineering and because of the fact that we were associated with the Robotics and Automation Laboratory- Robot Study Circle in COEP, Robolab Technologies was bound to happen. 

Journey so far

We started working out the business model and plan for Robolab in May 2013. Initially, we concentrated on breaking the ice by securing our 1st order from Gurunanak Institutions Hyderabad. It gave us the necessary momentum and started the ball rolling. Since then we did not look back.

We officially incorporated on Friday the 13th September 2013. In this last 3 years, we have reached 12 key institutions spread across 7 states in India.

We are also associated with the research and development think tank of India Military and giving the technical solutions for the improvement of the Indian Military’s performance and safety.

It took us nearly 5 months to secure our first meeting. Our team met several institutions in near around region but they all rejected us for not having earlier experience in the professional career. We left our comfort zone and started approaching progressive and early majority institutions all over India with the solutions. The pool was large but we had to target somewhere. So we chose Andhra Pradesh and began approaching Professors and HoD’s of top colleges. After almost 2 months from starting this exercise we succeeded in breaking the ice.

Once they showed positive interest in the solutions, First we met professors , then HoD’s, then Research and Development Head, then Deputy Director and finally the Director Sir, that too in one day. We were exhausted with repeated presentations and all the talking but were ready to do whatever it takes to convert this.

And against all odds we got the order and successfully established the Robolab and delivered trainings at their campus. The Management as well as trainees were well satisfied and recommended us to their counterparts.

There are some who are trying to establish a part of the complete solution that we offer. The reason for existence for those companies is entirely different. We do not consider them as competitor. We have the first mover advantage not only because we were the first but also because we are giving the best possible solution for the problems institutions and students are facing.

Future Plans

-To become global company providing Robotics and Automation Services and Solutions.

-To take technology to the masses & help them and society develop skills & intellectual capital & advance in the field of Robotics and Automation. 

A bit about us

I am Amol Gulhane, a roboticist by myself. I have deep experience of designing and manufacturing of complex and task specific industrial robots. I also have a profound knowledge of educational and defense robots and is specialized in digital image processing, embedded programming, design analysis and optimization. My co-founder, Pratik Deshmukh, brings in a right mix of technology and business skills forms a unique blend and comes in as a great positive feature to an innovative company. With business development background and technical education, he has fitting understanding on extensive areas of sciences.

Learnings so far

The most important part of the company are the customers and your team. Both work hand in hand. You have to maintain a perfect balance between your customers as well as your team.

Advise for upcoming entrepreneurs – “You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water my friend.”

Start Small, Start Quick and Scale Fast!

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