9 PPC Techniques and Trends For 2017 to Take You Ahead of the Competition

Pay Per Click PPC 2017As a brand new year has started, PPC business consultants can predict the trends that shouldn’t be unnoticed in 2017. We’ve collected the first mentioned predictions believed to be most significant trends in PPC for 2017.

From all the insights, one trend was clear: 2017 ought to be additional regarding targeting customers than targeting keywords. By making a bespoke expertise, we can deliver the proper ad, with the correct product at the right time.

We’ve arranged the highest predictions, and summed up some key areas that you only ought to specialize in, whereas making ready your PPC 2017 selling strategy.

Trend 1: Customers First

Developing campaigns supported the insights you get from entirely different initial party knowledge sources (like CRM databases) or tools (like Google’s client Match or RLSA) can permit you to make higher target about your custom user audiences, rising the user expertise. Audience segmentation supported data like demographics or interests can assist you to deliver bespoken messages that may target the right audiences across all selling channels. Leverage knowledge (from social demographic knowledge to look history) additional strategically, to make high-value target audiences and customize electronic communication.

 Trend 2: Customized Client Journey Expertise

You ought to maximize your efforts on gathering insights to rose perceive the customer journey. It’s not all regarding sales and leads, however conjointly regarding the user’s micro-conversions and the way these can initiate to a conversion. Mould your campaigns to produce a response towards what the individual is craving.

Learning from the journey also will assist you to perceive, however, the user moves across multiple sessions and devices, on-line and offline activity, the links between these connections, and the way you’ll be able to get pleasure from them to enhance your cross-device conversions. Specialize in delivering targeted campaigns that area unit relevant to users.

Trend 3: Go Mobile-friendly

The users keeps increasing regularly, your strategy ought to rate the mobile expertise initial. Don’t trust mobile optimized ads solely, however conjointly a way to produce a mobile expertise (a mobile landing page, not a non-fat version of your desktop site). The client knowledge ought to work across channels and platforms.

Mobile-friendly sites must always take into account structure that may assist you to maximize calls and leads.

 Trend 4: Custom Automation

Automation tools will assist you to maximize resources, particularly once the number and complexness of your portfolios keep on increasing (given the number of information and entirely different target audiences you would like to approach).

Specializing in a hybrid approach (automation tools used beside a manager’s analysis and strategy) instead of relying solely on third-party management technology, can assist you to decide once it applies to use entirely different tools. This approach will help you to accomplish additional study results looking on the complexness of your audience, and your selling goals.

 Trend 5:  New Technologies

Technology will assist you to manufacture recent and relevant insights at a way that no humans will do, especially once analyzing high volumes of information. Advertisers ought to conjointly take into account voice search as a trend, supported the expansion of digital personal assistants. The rise in voice search queries might have an effect, however advertisers approach mobile PPC.

Trend 6: Specialize in Social and Video

As client behaviour shifts, brands should look through around for further channels (like social media) to remain relevant. Facebook and Twitter can permit advertisers to speak with customers and prospects across multiple on-line touch points. As social and show advertising is already outpacing search ads in audience targeting practicality and value, you ought to take into account them in your budget.

Google migrated TrueView ads to the AdWords interface, which made video campaigns and budget management easier. Thus video ads can be following dominant ad format to point out on search results pages. Also, Google can seemingly introduce new ways that to put ads aboard or within videos; that may give higher targeting and improve conversion rates. Keeping this in mind, as a vendor, you ought to take into account increasing your efforts towards video ads.

Trend 7: Google Expanded Text Ads

Expanded text ads are 2x bigger, You now have a total of 140 characters of ad copy space to use. So make all those extra characters count. Create eye-catching and emotional ads that searchers can’t resist clicking on.

Here’s a before and after of what the ads will look like on mobile and desktop:

And here’s what Expanded Text Ads will look like in the AdWords interface:

Advertisers will have one 80-character description line and AdWords will automatically extract the domain from the final URL. Advertisers can then add up to two paths to enhance the display URL (using up to 15 characters).

Will This Improve CTR?

Yes! More text means greater visibility. Early reports indicate that Expanded Text Ads are seeing CTR increase by as much as 20 percent.

we’ll all need to take advantage of the extra characters available through ETA’s and utilize all appropriate ad extensions to ensure paid search ads are taking up as much real estate as possible

Trend 8: Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads will continue to hold court for retailers. But shopping ads will be bigger and hold more real estate on the SERPs in the 2017 year.

We are still coming across sites that sell items on their websites, but do not have Shopping campaigns. Some of these are larger advertisers that sell B2B products and are slower to adopt for various reasons.

The Key benefits of the New Google Shopping Campaigns:

  • More product focused
  • More granular control with custom labels and campaign priorities
  • More advanced reporting capabilities
  • Access to competitive metrics

 Trend 9: Click-to-Message Google Ads

Google has been testing click-to-text in AdWords search ads. In the example provided by Google above, you’ll notice the call and message extensions are served in cards below the main ad.

Clicks on message extensions are charged just like a regular click on a headline or extension. Message extensions can be set at the campaign and ad group levels, and they can be scheduled to appear during certain periods of the day.

Reporting on message extensions will be available in the extensions tab, as well as through Click Type segmentation. Along with the announcement, Google has released a best practices guide for advertisers to get started with message extensions.

These are the upcoming trends in 2017 that should be noticed by every digital marketing person. These trends are estimation and not 100% prediction. Online marketing is a field of constant learning as the trends change every time.

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