My One Tip For 2017? Write It Down

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A new year is always a wonderful time for new ideas, new starts and turning points. But too often all of that positive thought doesn’t translate into positive action. There’s one simple way to change that…

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Have an idea? Write it down. Hear an interesting point from a friend? See or hear an interesting article, documentary, podcast, book or film? Write it down. Wake up in the middle of the night remembering a dream? Write it down. Anything at all happen? Write it down.

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Ever since I was a child I have made lists of all kinds, including short-term tasks, long-term goals and resolutions. It’s how I make sense of the world, bring order to the ideas in my head, and start turning them into action.

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In 2017, get yourself a notebook, or an iPad app, or a pen to write on your hand. However you do it, take note: if you don’t take notes, your ideas will get lost.

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I am absolutely convinced, if I didn’t write down all of my ideas, I would forget them! So I always remember to write down my ideas.

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