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5 IoT Startups That Would Be Hot in 2017


IOT is a wonderful technology that comes with a lot of advantages and advancements. Based on this many innovative startups have been established in recent times that are helping the world in finding solutions for variety of problems. Be it industrial grade tasks or any daily life routine tasks. Here are a few IoT startups which are highly innovative and adaptive and would be under the radar in 2017:-

Ananse Limited

Simon Koo in 2015 came with a brilliant idea of implementing IOT using cloud services and gave birth to an innovative startup which is Ananse Limited.

  • It is a cloud computing network that allows users to connect smart devices of almost all brands.
  • Users from different brands can share, save and store their data in the cloud provided by Ananse Limited.
  • Problem arises when different brands implementing different standards and rules come to connect and share together
  • Ananse Limited is the technology that has bridged this gap between various brands and allowed devices and networks from different brands to successfully connect and share
  • It is a successful startup of Hong Kong which is helping people all around to the world to share and store without any device limitations

In the world where IT industry is growing and developing each day hackers are also adapting new techniques and methods for hacking. Hence, extreme level security to cloud storage as well as is a must and has become the major requirement.

  • For solving the security issues Rusty Cumpston established in 2015 that assures to secure data stored on cloud
  • It is a real time application software that helps in IOT tracking and traffic services along with various web privacy tools
  • This is a great platform that helps developers to build and develop real time cloud applications according to their own purpose

Adhere Tech

In the real time world where everyone is focusing on applications like more storage, safer data this firm has taken initiative to build a smart pill bottle that helps patients to take their medications.

  • This firm is related to IoH instead of IoT that stands for Internet Of Health
  • There are many diseases about which internet does not contain information related to proper medication and cure
  • Adhere Tech contains data and information about all such medications. The bottle reminds patients when to take their medications
  • It is thus a wonderful firm established in 2012 that has helped people a lot with a healthy cause


IFTTT stands for “If, This, Then, That” is a wonderful platform based on IoT that helps various apps and devices to work together to produce better results.

  • This initiative was mainly derived from the idea of prompting the activity of a mobile app in a mobile with another mobile app
  • This can include an example of automatically tweeting pictures that are first posted in separate photo app
  • It has various free features and services that include turning on and off the mobile alarm while the mobile torch is working and much more.
  • Liden Tibbets is the CEO of this wonderful company which is basically a San Francisco based company and its product is being used all around


For using and developing IoT connections smoothly and correctly so that they can be properly used and utilized it is necessary to configure them with best technologies. BluFlux is a startup that focuses on helping organizations with their wireless needs for IoT.

  • This company deals with advanced antenna, cellular wearable, indoor real time location systems, low power radar and much more.
  • It is so advanced and developed that even Google’s Advanced Technologies and Products has selected BluFlux as their design partners.

All the above mentioned startups are highly innovative. If you have come across any such firm lately, share in the comments below.

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