Kinds of Media You Should Share on Instagram for Branding

Instagram BrandingAll of us are aware of the effective ways of interaction and the relevant engagement strategies for Instagram. But you have to be very careful about the content you post. You simply cannot mess this up. There are some kinds of pictures which are known to do exceptionally well on Instagram and there are also certain pictures that really suck. Here are some genres of pictures which could be posted on Instagram for boost in engagement and branding.

Lifestyle Photos

Lifestyle pictures are highly effective for all those Instagram accounts which are known to promote a way or style of living. It could be the yogini lifestyle, the entrepreneurial journey or simply healthy habits. These pictures are normally loaded with inspirational messages and they are not supposed to be professional. These lifestyle photos should be able to convey that anyone could achieve this sort of lifestyle. These posts should contain a positive message or quote to inspire others. You could use posts like ‘The best gift you could give someone is your time.’

Promotion Photos

Once in a while, it is a good idea to mix in pictures that help promote your brand. It is essential to ensure that the message and offer are closely relevant to what the majority of your followership requires. You should try and include a call to action such as ask the people to click the link on your Instagram profile so that they could pick your product. Your call to action should be relevant and timely. Remember that on Instagram, your picture would be taking up almost the whole screen, so you must consider using exceptionally high-quality images. People who have used top quality book images, instead of the tacky eBook covers or the 3D generated models, have got instant success.

Quote Photos

If your Instagram profile is for conveying a specific message, be it, something specific like finances or something global such as motivation, you could use quote images for getting tremendous engagement and for absolutely impressive organic growth. Quotes are intrinsically ambitious and inspirational and would be attracting the attention of many followers. Whenever you seem to be out of solid ideas, you could consider sharing funny, popular or inspiring quotes. Remember that quotes would be getting you the strongest engagement possible on Instagram. However, do not forget to include Instagram hashtags such as #quote or #quotes. This would get you the maximum Instagram likes.

Niche Photos

You must try and post niche photos if you belong to a focused niche. The bulk of your Instagram profile should comprise niche pictures. The most effective way of talking about your company or your industry is through appropriate niche pictures. Use pictures of people who are using your services or products in real life.

Cohesive Photos

It is essential to post pictures that intrinsically have the same kind of flavour implying that when someone browses through your Instagram profile, all your pictures should convey a harmonised look as if they belong together. You should avoid a jumbled mess. If someone is browsing through your profile page and devoting a few seconds of his time, he is not interested to see whether your picture is cool, he is actually deciding if your feed is good enough to follow on a daily basis. Everyone is looking for cohesive, coherent, compelling, and of course, loveable content. Your posts should have the same kind of vibe. Your followers should get the feel that everything is going together and blending well.

Behind-the-scenes Pictures

Instagram is an excellent platform civilising your brand. You could use behind-the-scenes pictures to allow your audience to see what is happening behind the scenes. Your followers could see what it could be like working there. This could prove to be superb for your recruitment endeavours.


The ideas discussed here should be helping you to get started. Now it is your chance to mesmerize everyone with your amazing Instagram pictures. This is your opportunity to take your Instagram to a whole new level.

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