A Guide to Accelerate Your Mobile App Development Timeline

mobile app development

Almost all the businesses of different industries have realized the importance of having a mobile application.

Having a high-end mobile application for your business can benefit you in many ways like reaching targeted audience, build a strong brand, connect better with customers and deliver more value to them. Without one, you may face problems like conveying a message to your customers, introducing new product or service in the market, etc.

Like enterprise resource planning software for businesses, it is necessary to handle business processes smoothly as mobile app development services are important to have a dedicated mobile app for a business that helps contribute towards creating brand awareness.

Moreover, CEOs of startups, who have developed mobile apps, are familiar with the struggle between the speed and quality. In this unpopular longer development cycles, the mobile app development compares to traditional web applications are quite difficult.

Luckily, enormous resources and tools are obtainable on the web, allowing you to speed up the app development process. Therefore, if you are a businessman and looking forward to developing a mobile application without any difficulty, here you can find a complete guide to drive your mobile app development timeline.

Different Ways to Speed up Your Mobile App Development Timeline

Make Sure You Begin with Wireframes & Then Use Them to Develop Visual Designs

Wireframes can give you a complete idea about what you need to achieve. You can get help in figuring out the information architecture of the product that you are about to develop. As compared to high-fidelity wireframes, low-fidelity wireframes save your huge amount of time as they are just rough blueprints.

Moreover, they are considered as more intellectual and comes with least amount of detail. Through wireframes, your developers can get a better idea about the functionalities and features you want in your app. UX designers will be directed to design the user interface more accurately.

Having all on the same page and joint under the same vision can save your huge time in the long run. Ultimately, wireframes play an important role in giving estimates for visual design and not for the real development timeline, so you should get your development estimates on the visual designs.

Hybrid Mobile Development Solutions to be Considered

Adobe PhoneGap and Xamarin are different cross-platform hybrid solutions, enabling users to make use of a single codebase to target multiple platforms. Instead of writing native code for every single platform separately, you need to write it once, build once and get two apps for both Android and iOS platforms.

But you should also note that hybrid applications do not come without drawbacks. Such types of applications can handle animations with less fluidity and take up a substantial amount of memory. There are various startups that have already started using them to instantly penetrate the market. After that, they are replacing them with native apps to deliver a more robust solution.

Prefer to Outsource Non-core Development Features

You should consider outsourcing some of the development parts because sometimes it is better to outsource than having your in-house team do all of it.

It is mainly important when you are coding add-ons to your core product or coding versions of your product for different devices. You can tell your in-house developers to have huge experience developing iOS apps, but you want to launch for android also.

Rather than allowing them to struggle through android development, you can hire a team, who has sufficed amount of experience and proficiency you are looking for. By outsourcing these parts, you can ensure that your development team is mainly focusing on major operations.

Set Up Automated Testing to Make Sure App Security

You can automate your mobile application testing to accommodate fast development cycles while delivering a secure and quality product. What you can do is run a suite of tests that take hours to finish manually by automating testing.

You can also expand test coverage in the same amount of time by speeding up the testing. Moreover, you need to expand test attention in the same amount of time and you will be more confident about your code that it is bug-free.

Appium is the most popular automated testing software that is an open-source test automation framework to use with native, hybrid, and mobile web apps for iOS and Android.

Adopt Lean Method, Launch Your MVP & Start Testing

Instead of entering the market with a completely formed, robust product, you can launch a minimum viable product or an MVP to enter the market instantly. You can start collecting data with the help of build-measure-learn feedback loop.

You can utilize the feedback collected to frequently inform the development process. You should plan to work on very iterative cycles or sprints, where new updates are released in short 2-4 week periods.

You can use this guide to boost your mobile application development timeline and enter a mobile app market effectively.

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