Why We Are Building a Tech Platform for the Blue-Collar Industry

Digitization has penetrated very deep into our lifestyle, partly because technology is parlous handsome and addictive, and partly owing to the necessity and convenience factors which are associated with it.

With each passing day, our dependency on online solutions is increasing rapidly. This tendency is propelled by the need to economize on time and labour in this demanding world. Be it ordering food or getting a car on rent we have a quick fix to all of these on the internet and mobile, facilitated by a myriad online companies. However, finding skilled and trusted domestic help like maid, cook etc. in one’s vicinity could be a tough nut to crack. While there have been many startups like UrbanClap, Housejoy, Mydidi, BookmyBai etc. are consistently thriving to provide on demand and hiring services, our startup Maid2aid is ready to fill the gap between employer and blue collar employee and we are looking forward to launch their central tech platform (app) soon.

Maid2aid is serving Gurgaon since more than 1 year catering to premium segment in hiring maid, cook, etc., we are building a platform to directly connect employers and blue collar employees, vanishing third party concept globally. Importantly we are trying to build a life cycle of hiring, payments and management of domestic help segment in India, beneficial for apartments, societies and corporate. While many of the startups in domestic help space started with boom and are still struggling with unprofessional operations, we are very excited to present our solutions to solve daily hassles of customers and workers.

Why Maid2Aid?


When it comes to blue collar hiring or on demand services, there is a giant Indian market of more than USD 7 Billion and companies like Babajob, Bookmybai, etc. have already claimed their share. Out of which B2C market globally is looking for unicorn sooner or later. Startups from various part of globe like Helpsters (Thailand), Corner –Job (Europe) etc. are trying to bridge the gap with their technology models, but struggles to prove in home country first, abstaining to acquire a unicorn globally.

We need to understand that Indian market is in its very early stage and users will take time to be mature enough to support the endeavours. Yet users are paying so much to third party to get the services with a huge ticket offering by all the domestic help aggregators/providers/ Intermediaries .

Earlier a few companies like Bookmybai, Mydidi (Mumbai) got themselves in this segment and are mostly facing the market heat because of the hectic operations, logistics & the cost and liabilities associated with it.

As far as Maid2aid is concerned, it aims to bring innovation in domestic help and blue collar hiring at employee and employer’s end. Significant problems like salary issues, forced labor, child labor, Human trafficking, Fraudulent activities etc. are still unnoticed and not covered under any law of domestic help over which a lot is yet to be offered by the operating companies/startups in this industry.

Since October 2015 Maid2aid is working on Weekly, Monthly and Bi-annually model to provide cleaning, cooking, baby care and elderly care services. Currently we have more than 3000 domestic help workers registered with us and also serving with a good inventory of Drivers, Gardeners, Electrician, Plumbers etc.

Indian consumers must have witnessed lakhs of companies and agents claim to offer best services in domestic help, unfortunately few of them survived yet unable to solve problems and cover huge market.

Below is what we guarantee about our product which is currently in beta phase and can do miracles for consumers and workers in India & globally:

  • Android app empowering consumers with ease of  hiring (Maids, Cooks and rest on demand services), vanishing third party concept
  • Cost for consumer (hiring maids/Cooks) reduced to at least 1/10th
  • Higher Customer Acquisition, budget no more a constraint for consumers.
  • Ease of connect with the trusted and reliable workers of the user’s locality
  • Trust build directly by the users on boarded
  • Intra cities cycle of services with unique offering to apartments and corporate.

Our Team

Our core team comprises of myself Abhinav Sharma, Rahul Chandra, Nikhil Bansal and Bhuvnesh Sharma. We incepted our operations in Gurgaon as Maid2Aid in October 2015.

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