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Driving Better Consumer Insights with the Power of Chatbots

ChatbotsSuccess of every business hinges on how well it communicates with its stakeholders. Usually this takes shape as internal and external communication. Almost all business functions need to communicate. Marketing needs to communicate with potential customers; Sales need to communicate with the leads and prospects; HR needs to do so with employees and similarly Customer Service communicates with customers. Businesses end up crafting a communication strategy which focuses on content, periodicity and channels of communications. Although communication strategy is a universal need across all industries, yet only a handful of businesses understand its implications and capitalise on it.

Prior to Internet and mobile, the communication was unidirectional and non-interactive. The digital world did bring in a bi-directional angle whereby two-way interaction could happen between the business and the stakeholder. However most communication strategies were based on a tactic that believed in drawing the horse to the well. With the advent of social media and OTT applications the communication strategies are getting re-written. This evolution is now witnessing a stronger push with industries warming up to the idea of chatbots. Businesses are now getting equipped to try and take the well closer to the horse.

For the uninitiated, chatbots have been around for a while now. A quick search will help you understand that chatbots are computer programs designed to simulate conversations with human users. Like a tennis volley of talk and reply, chatbots allow you to get closer to your audience and offer an experience that is more personalised. Important thing to note here is, that the central point of focus is still communication. Now it is about conversations that are more engaging, intelligent, quick and effective.

Many organizations are leveraging chatbots to engage their target audience to both create and sustain a top of mind recall. The scope of what chatbots can achieve is huge and the key to capitalise on this wave is to understand the use case that works best for your business. Chatbots have so much to offer that the chances of chatbots becoming a me-too proposition are fairly high.

Let’s discuss an interesting use case in particular, shall we?

It’s given that that every business relies on consumer insights to continuously improve their offerings and also improve their customer satisfaction levels over time. Now if you closely monitor the online survey and research industry you will notice that this industry has not seen a technological advancement over a long time.  Whilst there are a number of online survey tools that help you in reaching out to your audience and take their feedback, none of them, offer a user experience that is intuitive, interactive and personalised without compromising on serious analysis and research.

How do we leverage chatbots to change the consumer insight space?

Chatbots can help in capturing consumer feedback and conduct surveys. They can allow you to evaluate key metrics like Net Promoter Score, CES and CSAT using structured questions and smart wordplay. Also they can change the way you collect and give out information on web and mobile. All this, while delivering an experience that is more in line to what target audiences are used to today. We too are building a chatbot called SURBO to change the surveying game. Here is what we have learnt from our experience.

Conversational interface and experience

Messaging platforms have achieved massive traction over the years.

With Whatsapp sailing past a billion monthly active users and facebook messenger dancing to the tunes of a similar number, one thing that is clear is that the users are comfortable with the experience these OTT applications have to offer. So it only makes sense that something as crucial as surveys and feedback should also be moved to a similar user interface. Chatbots can be designed to be less intrusive and quick, so before you know it, you have already captured candid feedback about a product or service and users don’t feel hassled.

Truly Omnichannel

The best part about building chatbots is that they don’t have to be tied down to a specific channel without compromising the interactive UI. This helps the brands to leverage their omnichannel presence. Be it your favorite social media channel, conventional sms, closed group on messaging applications, a mobile application or a call to action in an email, chatbots work seamlessly across all channels. The backend can capture the trigger points and help marketers in evaluating the performance of all the channels used to conduct surveys and capture insights.

Real time analytics

You could power your research by deep diving into the analytics in real time. You can tabulate the data collected into detailed excel sheets that you can download, graphical interpretation of data, campaign specific or overall snapshots all in one place. You can set milestones and delve into predictive analysis at your ease. Metrics like NPS, CSAT and CES can be carefully captured and plotted in diagrams to facilitate better decision-making.

Breathe new life into online forms

Frankly speaking, online forms are tiresome and boring. They lack human touch and instantaneous acknowledgement that you get while you chat. Regardless of how well you design a form, it still remains static and does not engage the users enough to promise adequate response completions. The experience chatbots offer is more in line with the cultural shift. Be it on the website or mobile applications, chatbots can be leveraged to both collect and give out information in a way that is extremely engaging and more focused. Boring lead capture and customer feedback forms will be rendered useless thanks to chatbots.

Refuels Customer Service

Chatbots can also help you in making your customer service process more efficient. Post every customer service call, feedbacks can be triggered using an email or sms (something that brands are doing already) and the survey chatbot can help capture user inputs on how well the grievance was handled and how efficient the agent was.

So what it means is that, chatbots can not only power your market research but also help businesses reach out to their target audiences in a way that offers an improved experience and almost guarantees better participation.

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    Amazed to know how well the chat bots can be placed in an enterprise’s communication strategy. Looking forward to interact with the brands as a customer through chat bots, being in their salad days. Thanks for posting.

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