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5 Tips for Better Decision Making

Decision Making

We all make millions of decisions every day, big and small. I’m sure we have regretted so many decisions too! Getting faster and better is the key to improve your daily productivity.

Here are some hacks to get better at decision making, however understand the situation and then use an idea apt to make the right decision.

1. The two minute rule

Give yourself a deadline. As less as 2 minutes to make a decision. The time limit will make you weigh the pros and cons. Coming under pressure will make you quickly understand the situation and will force you to make a decision. If you are a slow decision maker, this is close to a life saver.

2. Black and white

So we have so many people who think about a situation until they analyse every micron. With so many options, which can be unnecessary, weeding out options can be difficult. So think in black and white, the good and bad. This will reduce the time of the decision making process.

3. The hat trick

When you have options that are of equal weight, put all of them in a hat and pick out a chit randomly. Sounds silly right, but it helps. If you have to do things you don’t like use this trick and have another hat of rewards to treat yourself to something after completing the task.

4. Focus on the present

For the chronic- decision maker, who delves into the situation and its implication, live in the present! Make the best decision and moving. Thinking and over thinking can mentally drain you which isn’t worth it.

5. Embrace failure

A decision that will lead to bad results is something so many people fear of. Thus, they don’t make decisions and waste time and energy rethinking. Fear to make decisions will make someone else make one for you, which you may not like. The best is to embrace failure if it comes by, learn from it and then make the right one. After all, experience is the best teacher.

So make sure you are independent and take control of your life. Make decisions by yourself with the help of the aforementioned tips.

We’re sure you’ll do great.

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