5 Ways Virtual Reality is Transforming Home Buying Experience

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This guest column is authored by Ravi Bhushan, Chief Technology Officer, and

In the past few decades technology has touched every aspect of our life. Everything has changed from how we commute to how we communicate or from how we shop to how we sell. Digital world has contributed to every activity we perform. Digital wallets and online shopping platforms have transformed our buying experience completely. People have forgotten the way they use to book cabs after the advent of Ola and Uber in the intra city cab market. Gone are the days when people reached cinema theatres only to find a houseful board hung at the counters. One thing that has not changed significantly is the home buying experience, except for few online real estate companies providing online listing of available properties nothing much has changed. One reason for this is that the property experience is still static; we need to go with different brokers to visit various properties to shortlist one. We at PropTiger too want to revolutionize this process. Here are the five ways how virtual reality is transforming home buy and search experience.

1. Ease site visit

With the advent of virtual reality you will not visit each and every home. You can shortlist from various options available online to funnel down to a few really apt ones. Videos and photos are not good enough to select or reject a particular home but with virtual reality you get transported to the property itself using the immersive power of virtual reality. Virtual reality will help you walk through the living room into the kitchen and will allow you to look beyond windows or the balconies.

2. Mobile property experience

Today if you want to buy a house in Gurgaon but you work 9 to 5 in Bangalore, it gets impossible for you to visit properties. You with your family can not fly to Gurgaon every now and then to buy a home. With every property covered in virtual reality, now every property is also mobile. You can sit back in any part of the globe and experience every corner of prospective homes. This mobile property experience also helps people who want to invest around the globe.

3. Experience the future

Virtual reality also enables us to create homes which don’t exist. It helps us create virtual homes planned to be built in near future. Now we don’t need to build sample apartments to experience how your apartment will look after construction. We can build virtual sample apartments to provide the potential buyers the same immersive experience. It is more like living in your future home far before it is built.

4. Interior design before you buy

Unlike real spaces virtual spaces can be customized with click of a button. In virtual reality you can drag and drop furniture to furnish interiors of your future homes. The power of virtual reality enables you to add or delete any number furniture any number of times from virtual spaces. You can drag furniture using your mouse to place them at perfect position. Imagine how virtual reality can transform interior design of your future homes.

5. Save time and money

Like any other technological advancement virtual reality also helps us save time and money. It not only helps you save time by not visiting properties you rejected virtually but also save you fuel by doing so. The thing is, the better you shortlist sitting at home the less you sweat visiting in vain properties.

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