The 2017 Major Trends Shaping Customer Experience According to Forrester

This curated column is authored by Strategy Director, Care Solutions at Sprinklr, Aref JDEY

Forrester released its prediction for 2017 covering major transformations and shifts in the Customer Experience field.

More than one-third of businesses will move from siloed organizations to customer-centric & customer-driven operational model. The goal is to avoid the complexity of delivering experiences to multiple customer segments across multiple products.

CEOs will exit 30% of their CMOs for not having the right skills to drive digital business transformation, leverage the appropriate technical infrastructure and secure growth.

More CIOs will take a lead position to drive Customer Experience transformations by aggressively shifting budgets from traditional IT spend to Customer Experience Management technologies.

Transitional roles like Chief Digital Officer, Chief Customer Officer, will continue to get reintegrated into tradition roles (CMO, CIO…) to drive key digital & customer-led programs.

Digital Business Leaders & CX professionals are two roles that will be most in demand and hardest to find, fill & retain.

Brands will experience 25% to 50% increases in revenue risk due to consumers with high willingness and ability to shift spend. Today’s customers reward or punish companies based on a single experience.

To drive affinity & increase spend, brands will begin to quantify & harness the power of emotion, helping in understanding consumer decisions processes.

Customer journey mapping will move to designing micro-moments that win the hearts, minds and wallets of the customers.

Investments in Artificial Intelligence will triple in 2017 as brands work to convert customer data into personalized experiences

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