How to Build Your Dream with a Remote Team

Managing a remote team

This guest column is authored by Mayank Pratap Singh, Co-Founder, EngineerBabu

When I was 24, an idea of starting up kept crawling in my mind – 24/7. I have my reasons to start my startup. But I was not the only one having this thought; few mutual friends of mine also have some ideas for starting up.

Today, I am 27 and have established a three year old startup, EngineerBabu, with a blend of in-house as well as a remote team. And my friends are still struggling with planning, strategising, and saving funds for starting up. The only difference that leads us to the current destination was execution.

While starting up, my whole planning was laying around making my dreams live with the minimum usage of funds. At that point of time, getting funded was not there even in my wildest dreams. I loved bootstrapping. So, this thought forced me to execute with the minimum of resources. But, I knew for my startup, I would need a team. Without a team, nothing is possible.

So, a first right step that I have taken is to go for a remote team instead of having an in-house team.

The remote team has its benefits when it comes to startup.

1. Work when you prefer, where you prefer

I can work on my startup with a remote team without leaving my job. For this, I don’t need to be with them in the office to monitor their work. I can track their work progress by using several productivity tools. They can work from their place; I can work from my preferred place, which ultimately saves my fund of setting up an office in early days. I can use this fund to hire better talent remotely. You can work from the beach as well as while you are flying in the plane.

2. Opportunity to hire talent globally

When you decide to go with a remote team, suddenly the whole world seems to be a talent pool. You don’t need to be dependent on one city’s available resources with higher expectation. You can hire best of the talent from around the world that too in your budget. The only thing you need to learn is to interview them properly and meet at least once in a month. That expense is nothing as compared to the office based overheads.

3. Technology would be your new and efficient office

Every day you learn new technologies emerging that will help you in monitoring and enhance the productivity of the remote team. For a startup, having an office seems to be a roadblock in initial days. And once you learn to manage a remote team with the help of technology, you can save a lot of funds that you can utilize in marketing your product.

4. Work-Life Balance

Remote team enables the team members to enjoy the work-life balance. They can work from home, and spend more time with their kids and work at night. All you need to ensure is – you do your job on time.

With all such facilities, they will prove to be more productive, work with peace of mind and that too at home. Imagine the typical office environment, where everyone knows their computer more than their colleagues. And, instead of being interested in spending time with team members they always seem to be in hurry of going home.

Save the money involved in office maintenance and use it for partying with your team at some holiday destination in every six months and that will help you in feeling connected and working for a common goal.

5. Employees become Leaders

When you let your team work with their wisdom, they will eventually start taking better decisions independently. They can plan their schedule and fix their task accordingly. This helps in invoking a leader in them and creates a feeling of responsibility. And as a boss, one should prefer the sense of responsibility for accountability. This freedom to take actions always gives a better result with an improved team member with every task.

6. People from different places bring in Diversity of ideas

When you work with people from different places, you will end up learning something new. It might be new ways of thinking, new preferences, a new style of working or new idea altogether. You can access global learning sitting at one place, and you can implement things in new ways. I have lot connections to the different parts of the world, At times I take advice from them, I ask them for better solutions, and they suggest me what people here would do in the similar situation.

For me working with the remote team is like all in one. I have best minds working in my team, that too with the minimum resources and expenses, I have access to learning globally and at the same time better solutions.

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