The Essential Product Management Toolkit

This guest column is authored by Rahul Kumar, Director – Product Management,

Thanks to all technology team members who motivated me through out my career to think through and note down some effective way to work as Product Manager.

Most of the product managers will agree with the point that although technology provides you the necessary platform for your product solution, but to convince technology people for their “Why”,”What” and “How” is the most difficult part of product management.

In current digital product era where, innovation, creativity, analysis and quick results are expected from every product manager, you are suppose to use different tools and mechanism to do so.

At the same time you need to work out with different tools to make technology and business people trust on your provided solution before it go to the market.

Data is the key to back your solution.I would like to list down some tools which I use on daily basis to support my decision for any problem definitions.
It’s like “Small Investment Daily” as a product management professional for me.

Google Analytics

I love to look the way users follow along my app. GA makes me understand:

  •  Visits and Page views
  •  Real time user
  •  Drop off rates at certain point from user funnel
  •  Where exactly user makes a click.
  •  New User and Existing user behaviour
  •  Traffic source and impact of different marketing campaigns
  •  App usage by geography, devices and brands

Most important, it provides me an opportunity to segment the results by variety of parameters.


What if one tool helps you to record complete user journey and achieve it for your future reference. Apsee does it for you and it helps me to:

  • Filter user recordings to watch recordings for specific experiment and variations
  • Analyse touch heat maps for every screen variation
  • Create conversion funnels for every variation


As a PM, It delights me to experiment with user behaviour. And when Apptimize does it for me, some time without even asking for much engineering efforts, delight changes to “Wow”. It allows me to:

  • Change copy text and colour
  • Track click events and engagement metrics
  • Ask developers to A/B Test entirely different user flow
  • Send tailored experience to customers

Most interesting part, it provides me one dashboard to know which changes are working fine without setting up any additional analytic tool.


Although this is more popular as Marketing tool, I make use of this to understand the attribution channel. Its helping me to:

  • Understand the attribution of different channel
  • Suggest marketer to optimise their ad spend to optimise ROI
  • Retargeting Users
  • Install Analysis
  • Social Distribution


Again it is somehow marketing tool, but its helping me to:

  • Understand how and where to engage and retain users
  • Send pre-build personalised campaigns
  • Track specific user action
  • Create rule-based campaigns to send push notification, inapp notifications and email messages to different user segment
  • See analytic reports of how my campaign is performing


I love crashlytics for the reason, it reduces our troubleshooting time to pin point the cause of app crash. It further supports me to:

  • Understand number of users affected by the crash
  • See active users visual
  • Analyse and optimize app size


One of the key ornaments for a product manager is Wireframing. Balsamiq helps me to:

  • Build Mockups
  • Sketch Wireframe
  • Translate my ideas to Visual Designer


Although its point of discussion for GA versus Mixpanel. I would like to look at Mixpanel whenever I need instant graphs and funnel analysis. Mix panel helps me to:

  • Understand retention tracking screen with different options
  • Allow me to analyse visitor flow
  • Real Time Tracking


Last but not the least, Jira is one of the tool, which makes me smile through out the day. Jira support me to:

  • Manage requirement
  • Tracking the project flow
  • Communicate with engineering

Excel, Power point, Word, Notepad and Stickers are like breathing elements.

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