Pitfalls that Make Audience Hate your Mobile App

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This guest column is authored by Ajit Jain, Senior Business Development Manager, Octal Info Solution

The world of mobile apps is on a continuous rise where millions of mobile applications are present in the market and the figure has no looking back. But, the market that discovers some hundreds of thousands of apps every year faces some serious downside with a plethora of it are failing miserably. In a fast-paced world of mobile apps where an app performance is seriously decided by many features, it becomes crucial to know the main reasons for mobile app failure as well to combat the future fallouts if any. Therefore, we unveil some key reasons why people hate your mobile apps:

  1.    Functional drawbacks

An app always gets high notes of appreciation with its functionality. The functionality installed should be precise and correct for a mobile app user. Any diversion from the basic level of functionality will have a lost interest by the user. There are times when an app delivers some vague results that are seemingly unexpected by the user and creates problems.

  1.    Advertisements

Today mobile apps have made their place as a perfect marketing tool. With millions of apps downloaded there are millions of chances of the advertisements being seen and responded. Therefore, adverts are a great source of drawing monetization. However, too much if it lacks user interest from the mobile app and irks their mind. It causes constant hindrance and user gets deviated from his/her desired content interest.

  1.    User interference and designs

A mobile app is a concoct of several features and giving preference to only one thing won’t do justice. User interference and design are again of vital importance in mobile app development. Right from locking users’ interest to being adaptable to the app, there are several factors that work for a successful mobile app. It should undergo with selective designing and user interference that have high chances to stay on the user’s device.

  1.    Privacy issues

Many mobile apps fail due to their sheer privacy issues. A user’s personal information is pivotal and if in any case it gets compromised, the threat is major to mobile app sustenance. Therefore, keeping the users’ personal information safe is mandatory as the evil effects of the same are many uninstalls. Do not entertain irrelevant information to your mobile app that raises double thoughts among users.

  1.    Notifications on ever event

This is another irksome issue mobile app user’s face today. After installation of an app, no user would like to flood his/her device with too many pop-ups for every event. This lead to severe chances of mobile app uninstallations. Remember there is not only one app in user’s phone and such notifications and messages now and then will create complexity for the user.

  1.    Battery consumption

Believe it or not, it has been found that a major reason why so many mobile apps get uninstalled very soon is the excessive battery consumption. Several apps consume too much battery and in spite of being excessively useful, a user may get thoughts to drop out or uninstall the same.

  1.    Incapability

There are several instances faced by users when they download the app with the promise it has made, but the app fails in delivering what it is supposed to do. This is sheer incapability of the mobile app and it spoils down the game. Mobile app developers should read user’s mind before making an app and ingest features that sort the necessity.

  1.    No app updates

If you are thinking that your mobile app will make news without regular app updates, you are sadly mistaken. No app can survive without regular and timely updates. There are several issues noticed such as mobile app crashing and improper functionality of the app because of no mobile app updates. This boils down to a serious reason for app failures and users have hated your apps.

The bottom line for all the app developers is to have a note of some serious features and make sure they are not missing in the entire process of mobile app development.

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    A negative way to say positive things about mobile app. As a mobile app development service provider we strive for avoiding these pitfalls. Btw, wonderful article, thanks for sharing!

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