5 Early Stage Indian Fintech Startups to Watch Out For

Fintech has emerged as a hotbed for entrepreneurs and investors in India in the last couple of years. The sector has been growing across its branches, from payments to lending to advisory and more. While a lot of tech firms have made big in this sector already, there are a lot many promising startups which are emerging to solve more unfulfilled needs. Among those, here are 5 such Fintech startups started within the last couple of years, we all can watch out for

1. MoneyParrot


MoneyParrot is a B2B2C platform to address the needs of 2 million strong financial distribution community, who reside in the remotest parts of the country. With a mission to address the technological needs, empower them with powerful tools & information MoneyParrot would help Financial Advisors take informed business decisions for better productivity. It aims to compliment the efforts of the Advisors with supplementary data, insights, information and productivity tools, to help them get actionable insights on business opportunities, engage with clients in a deeper & more meaningful manner and give them a single point dashboard to provide exceptional service to the clients with high efficiency & convenience.

One Line Description: MoneyParrot is a platform aiming to revolutionize the way financial advisors manage their data, communicate with their clients and gain deep insights to grow their business.

Founders: Amit Kumar and Abhijith HK

Founding Year: 2016

Startup Stage: Early Users

2. Connaizen

Connaizen aims to increase cashless transactions by incentivizing the use of cashless payment. The company helps banks & marketers leverage consumer data to target them better. The team draws insights into consumer purchase data directly obtained by leveraging customer’s card transaction history, geographical location, search history and purchases of peers. They further enable retailers to target customers, customize campaigns, optimize ad-spend and measure campaign performance with competitive benchmarking.

One Line Description: Connaizen enables banks to target customers with highly personalized offers, thereby incentivizing card usage.

Founders: Nikhil Garg, Vikas Bharti, Sanchit Kapoor and Siddhant Punn

Founding Year: 2015

Startup Stage: Early Revenues

3. Betterwealth


Better Wealth Advisers Private Limited was founded with a vision to give unbiased comprehensive financial  advice and end to end service to clients. It received its registration as a Mutual fund distributor on 21st March 2016. It has automated both execution and advisory and offers advice personalised to the profile and need of the user. It offers a platform for both investment advisory and financial planning. The company is making revenues, and aims to be profitable by the end of financial year 2016.

One Line Description: Betterwealth is an online platform which empowers people to Plan, Invest, Monitor their financial goals using smarter technology and sound financial practices in a well diversified portfolio of Mutual Funds.

Founder: Anurag Agarwal

Founding Year: 2015

Startup Early Revenues

4. Wixifi

WixifyWixifi is a robo investment advisory service in India which advises you to on how to build a well-diversified, continuously rebalanced tax optimized low cost portfolio through a web platform (and mobile app in the future). The idea is to democratize sophisticated investing. So far quantitative algorithms were only available to large family offices, sovereign wealth funds, pension funds and large players, the startups want to bring this high-tech quantitative investing to every Indian.

One Line Description: Wixifi is a financial platform that automates the entire stack of investment management services: research, advice and execution.

Founder: Ishaan Gupta

Founding Year: 2015

Startup Stage: Beta Launched

5. Paydeck


Paydeck is a platform that allows users to use their credit card to make payments even at places where there isn’t a POS machine. This is useful when one wants to directly transfer money to a bank account in cases when the recipient doesn’t accept cashless payments otherwise. The Kolkata-based startup is bootstrapped and plans on staying so.

One Line Description: Paydeck is a platform that allows individuals to pay using their credit card for either service-oriented or goods-related payments.

Founder: Saurabh Suman

Founding Year: 2015

Startup Stage: Steady Revenues

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    I used Paydeck today after reading this article. its a good service. liked it. thanks for sharing. they are not doing advertisement though.

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